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The Pact of Punishment is key to accessing the outer reaches of Erebus.

Infernal Gates are gateways into Erebus which must be unlocked through use of the Pact of Punishment. Within Erebus, Zagreus must partake in a Perfect Clear challenge. The difficulty of these encounters depend on how far Zagreus has progressed in the run. Enemies will spawn, usually with a few Super-Elite enemies, all of which must be killed without Zagreus taking any damage. After the Erebus encounter has ended, there will always be three exits available to choose from.

Zagreus will also be taken to Erebus to fight Charon.

Codex entry[]

''...If the dead excel at anything, it is having to wait. It is the first thing almost all the dead must do, upon arriving at the edges of this realm. Erebus, their waiting area, lies shrouded in darkness, betraying to the dead no hint of whether they shall continue their existence in the splendors of Elysium or in the pits of Tartarus. Some wretched souls, for a variety of reasons, remain in Erebus indefinitely. For these, the Master sometimes offers a condition of reprieve: to do his bidding or to wait, and wait, and wait awhile longer.' '

Unlocking and Spawning[]

Unlocking an Infernal Gate requires that a certain amount of Heat be activated within the Pact. Gates in Tartarus require 5 Heat; Asphodel Gates require 10, while Elysium Gates are the most expensive and require 15 Heat.

Infernal Gates will not spawn until the Alternate Exits upgrade has been purchased for 5 Diamond at the House Contractor, and will not spawn in boss rooms, the room immediately following a boss, or within 8 chambers of another Infernal Gate. Unlike Chaos Gates and Infernal Troves, Infernal Gates cannot be forcibly spawned using a Well of Charon item.


The reward for clearing an Infernal Gate is previewed before entry, and can be re-rolled using Fated Authority if you have enough Heat active to unlock it. Gate rewards are improved over their regular versions:

If the Perfect Clear challenge is failed by taking damage, then the room's reward will be replaced with a Red Onion that heals 1 Health when consumed. Hades will mock Zagreus for failing the challenge.


  • There is an achievement tied to clearing an Infernal Gate without taking any damage called "Hold the Onions".