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Weapons are your main mode of attack. Initially, you only have the Stygian Blade available, but additional weapons can be unlocked by spending Chthonic Keys in the Arsenal Room. Unlocking all the weapons requires a total of 24 Chthonic Keys. They can be upgraded during a run with a Daedalus Hammer.

Each weapon has a number of "Aspects" that can be unlocked using Titan Blood. Aspects become available one run after the Rail has been unlocked and the player has collected at least one Titan Blood.

The infernal arms are the weapons the Olympians used to defeat the Titans. They abound them afterwards, but the arms are supposedly the strongest or some of the strongest weapons that exist in the universe which is why they are supposed to be locked away. Why exactly they appear in the courtyard, is unknown. Because of their history with titan blood they both react to it when it is collected and seem to have developed some form of consciousness.

Name Unlock Condition Former Wielder Description
Stygian Blade.png
"Stygius" / Stygian Blade Unlocked by default Poseidon

"...Stygius, the Blade of the Underworld, must have been among the finest weapons ever wielded, back when it was whole..."

The blade's default attack pattern is a three-swing long combo consisting of a mixture of wide and directional swings. The special creates a small burst around you after a short jump, and leaves you stationary for a short time.

Eternal Spear.png
"Varatha" / Eternal Spear Unlocked with 4 Chthonic Key Hades

"...It must have been a sight when Lord Hades wielded Varatha the Eternal Spear versus the Titans, driving back those fiends into the depths, together with the help of his Olympian brothers and sisters..."

Repeated long-range stab attacks that can be charged to unleash a spin attack dealing high damage in a wide radius. The special throws the spear, which will damage enemies along its path until it stops. Activating special again recalls the spear, which will deal damage on the way back.

Shield of Chaos.png
"Aegis" / Shield of Chaos Unlocked with 3 Chthonic Key Zeus

"...Aegis, the Shield of Chaos, predecessor to the very Aegis wielded by Lord Zeus and by Athena, his most favored daughter... the Lord of Thunder defended his brothers and sisters using that very shield then, together, they conspired to drive the Titans back into the lowest reaches of the Underworld..."

The main attack is a single swing that hits in an arc and knocks enemies back. Holding the attack button will block damage from the front, while charging the "Bull Rush". Releasing this will perform a shield bash forwards, dealing damage to enemies hit. The special throws the shield, which bounces between enemies and objects before returning.

Heart-Seeker Bow.png
"Coronacht" / Heart-Seeking Bow Unlocked with 1 Chthonic Key Hera

"...Coronacht, the so-called Heart-Seeker, is certainly the finest bow ever conceived, and wielded once by none other than Mistress Hera, who stood by side with Zeus, on better terms back then, as they drove back the Titans under a storm of arrows and thunder..."

Ranged attacks that hit enemies at a distance. The main attack can be charged to increase distance and damage, releasing at the right moment for additional damage. The special sprays arrows in a cone in front of you, dealing 10 damage each.

Twin Fists.png
"Malphon" / Twin Fists of Malphon Unlocked with 8 Chthonic Key, once first four weapons are unlocked Demeter

"...What is a weapon if not the extension of one's will to survive, to destroy? The ancient cyclopean forge-masters who created the Infernal Arms in accordance with the Fates' design must have understood this when they delivered the singular Twin Fists of Malphon in secret to the gods..."

Fast repetitive short-range combo attacks using fists in close-quarters combat. The special is an uppercut that hits twice. This weapon is unique due to it being the only Infernal Arm with a dash-special; if the special is used while dashing it will uppercut faster but only hit once.

Adamant Rail.png
"Exagryph" / Adamant Rail Unlocked with 8 Chthonic Key, once all other weapons are unlocked Hestia

"...Least known among the gods who stood together to depose the Titans is the Lady Hestia, reclusive goddess of the hearth, and one-time wielder of Exagryph, the Rail of Adamant; an artifact of metal and of flame so dreadful that the gods themselves abandoned it once their fell work was done..."

Automatic or manual fire (depending on whether Attack is pressed or held) that must be reloaded once all ammo is used. The special launches a grenade to bombard the target area, which takes a short time to arrive but deals damage in an area once it lands.