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You're the help? Oh, that's rich. Friendly word of advice, sister: Stay out of my bloody way, else you're liable to get hurt. Now scoot, and tell whomever sent you that I work alone.
~ Heracles

Heracles is a famous Greek hero and son of Zeus.

In Hades, he never appears physically, but is frequently referenced by other characters.

He appears in Hades II, and helps Melinoë on her way up to Olympus. He is encountered in the City of Ephyra and the Rift of Thessaly.

Personality and characteristics

A enigmatic demigod renowned for his strength, he's still revered for his accomplishments. So beloved by Zeus that upon his death, he ascended to Olympus.

He's rugged, tough, and exudes the demeanor of a seasoned warrior. He greets Melinoë coldly, instructing her to leave as he prefers to work alone without any interference and advises her that it's not a wise idea to provoke him.

Heracles excelled in his endeavors, earning recognition even among other heroes like Theseus. However, he harbors bitterness towards the Olympians and is weary of constantly fulfilling their requests. Despite his fatigue, he acknowledges the lingering sense of duty.

In his book of shadows entry, it is said that wherever he goes, everyone around him becomes unhappy upon seeing him, and that he is a monster with a human face and an animal heart. This may be because, due to having enemies on all sides, many people around Heracles end up getting hurt accidentally.

He's harsh towards Melinoë, partly due to his prejudice against witches. When questioned, he remains evasive, refusing to divulge further. Nonetheless, his respect for Melinoë grows gradually upon discovering her non-divine lineage, akin to his own, and her prowess in combat.

Physical Description

Heracles appears as an imposing man with a tan skin tone, wearing only the Nemean Lion cloak on his back, with its paws serving as a belt, revealing his musclebound and scarred chest. His face is almost identical to his father's, although much younger and with a more sour expression. His beard is blond, wild, and mixed with the fur of the lion pelt on his head.

He's seen with multiple weapons of all sorts, some on his hands, others bound to him by ropes and straps. He also adorns more ropes around, namely on his left forearm, on top of his left bracelet, as well as the strap that crosses his chest. The knots seen on some of the ropes are known as "square knots".



It's unclear where is Heracles and how is he doing during the game. However, seeing as his death was before the Trojan War, which has clearly already happened, he's likely residing on Olympus. Achilles also mentions Heracles died a death more gruesome than his and briefly stayed in the Underworld, but since he's favored by the gods, a pact must have been made that allowed him to leave.

Hades comments that he's still sour from the time the hero came to take Cerberus from him. Zagreus also makes comments about wishing to fight him instead of Theseus, and can even purchase former weapons of the hero, as well as a statue for the West Hall.

Hades II

Heracles can appear in an Encounter in the City of Ephyra to assist Melinoë as she makes her way to Olympus through a competition to see who can earn the most Gold Crowns from defeating enemies.

Book of Shadows Entry

'Beware the Glory of Hera. A monster of a man and a danger to himself and others. He has no love for our craft or our kind.'


  • His name means "Glory of Hera".
  • Of his Twelve Labours, five are referenced in the games:
  • He helps Melinoë in much the same way as Nemesis. Only difference is that Nemesis intervenes as Melinoë goes down and Heracles intervenes as Melinoë goes up.
  • Him referring to Melinoë as "sister" references how she may be considered a daughter of Zeus in Greek Mythology, which would make them siblings.