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For all those unafraid of death and other difficult matters, the Pact of Punishment will make your life harder right away.

Hell Mode is a harder difficulty option that may be selected when creating a new save file. This option cannot be changed later and disables God Mode from use. Selecting Hell Mode has Zagreus start the game with the Pact of Punishment immediately in use. The Pact of Punishment has five mandatory conditions with one Hell Mode exclusive condition, Personal Liability, which removes the impervious shield that Zagreus briefly gains upon taking burst damage.

Hell Mode offers bounties up to 25 heat instead of 20 heat in normal difficulty, due to the mandatory 5 heat from the start.

Mandatory Conditions[]

The Pact of Punishment in Hell Mode has one rank in each of five mandatory conditions.

Further ranks of these conditions can be added and removed freely.

Condition Description Ranks Cost
Hard Labor Each rank makes your foes deal +20% damage. 5
(+100% damage)
1 per rank
(Total: 5)
Lasting Consequences Each rank makes any sources of Health restoration less effective by -25%. 4
(-100% recovery)
1 per rank
(Total: 4)
Jury Summons Each rank makes you face +20% additional enemies in standard Encounters. 3
(+60% more enemies)
1 per rank
(Total: 3)
Calisthenics Program Each rank gives your foes +15% Health to their Life Total. 2
(+30% Health)
1 per rank
(Total: 2)
Personal Liability Each rank reduces the damage threshold at which you briefly turn impervious by +100% . 1


1 per rank
(Total: 1)