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We can but learn... and the greatest teacher is out there. Now go. Death to Chronos.
~ Hecate

Hecate is the Titan Goddess of Witchcraft, Necromancy, Doorways, and Crossroads closely associated with the Moon.

She appears in Hades II and serves as a mentor to Melinoë in her quest against Chronos.

Characteristics and Personality[ | ]

Hecate is strong-willed, independent, and a morally dubious witch. She is primarily a source of comfort and encouragement for Melinoë, serving as a mentor to Melinoë, and loving her dearly, but is very strict and rigorous with her training. However, Hecate does not see herself as a parental substitute and is shown to be greatly annoyed whenever Melinoë implies that she sees her as anything more than a teacher.

Hecate is very mysterious, withholding much of her past involving dark magic and avoids answering certain questions as much as possible. One such instance is when Melinoë asks Hecate for a way to remove the curse of Arachne. Hecate explains that Arachne's fate is not for Melinoë to undo and accidentally reveals her knowledge of the feud between Arachne and Athena. When Melinoë questions her on how she knew about the feud between them, Hecate brushes her off, implying some responsibility for Arachne's fate.

Hecate is very studious, disciplined, and is always open to experimenting with new spells in her cauldron, often filling Melinoë with studies, but she is very modest, saying that the best teacher is out there, and they can only learn.

She is also influencing Melinoë since childhood to defeat Chronos, largely because she has no choice but to follow the prophecy that the second child of Hades will save everyone. She also possesses a sense of humor, finding it fun to transform Melinoë into a sheep during training. She reserves her attention and affection exclusively for Melinoë and acts very strictly with her other pupil Nemesis, who Hecate puts in second place due to seeing her behavior as a detriment and only tolerates both her and her sister Eris because of her oaths to Nyx.

Hecate is more covertly blaming herself for Chronos taking over the Underworld, as she was tasked to defend it from such forces, seeing it as her greatest failure. She still holds her position, is a very devout follower, and never breaks a rule regarding Hades and Persephone. She does not want to replace their place as Melinoë's parents, and protecting Melinoë is the only thing left for her.

Physical description[ | ]

Hecate wears a large, wide-brimmed hat with a crescent moon and the Silver Sisters braided cord, alongside a purple cape over her top and dress. The top is of a lighter shade than the cape and ends with a silver trim; above it she uses a silver crescent moon neckpiece as well as a pin of the House of Hades's symbol. For the bottom part, she uses a purple dress below a burgundy one, the latter noticeably having a star pattern on top, and both being topped by a black fabric; above it she uses a loose double silver belt, adorned with moons and the circle seen in her spells. Her belt and shoulders have green tassels hanging from them. Most of her face is veiled by a burgundy fabric, leaving only her green eyes visible. Although most of her body is not visible, her outfit leaves her toned midriff exposed. She has pauldrons in the shape of a head on each shoulder which connect to her neckpiece and veil with silver moons. Her hair is slightly seen, it's braided, and it's shown to emit a silvery green tone under the moonlight. Her signature weapons are a pair of Torches.

Hades II[ | ]

Hecate was charged with detecting any threats against the Underworld. Unfortunately, Hecate like many others did not foresee the return of Chronos. When the Titan attacked, she was ordered by Hades to escape with Melinoë. Hecate took Melinoë, Hypnos and the unfinished portrait of Hades and his family to the Crossroads.

During the game's events, Hecate leads the resistance against Chronos and oversees Melinoë's progress on her mission to slay the Titan. She serves as the boss ecounter of Erebus, the reason being that she needs to make sure that Melinoë is strong enough for the challenges in the lower levels.

Book of Shadows Entry[ | ]

'You wish that you were her. Understandable.

Yet how many times must she tell you she is not your mother? She, who taught you much of what you know, other than that which is already in your heart.

Remember that she has taught you, trained you only for one particular purpose. Should you somehow achieve it, only then may you begin to learn all that she could never possibly teach.

Trivia[ | ]

  • As the goddess of witchcraft, Hecate is presumably the patron of all magic users in the Hades universe.
  • The head-shaped pauldrons allude to her being frequently represented as three-formed, sometimes just one body and three heads. While early literary depictions have her described as a singular figure (see The Theogony by Hesiod, The Homeric Hymn to Demeter, and The Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes), her three-formed depictions became widespread throughout the classical period as an apotropaic, or evil averting figure.
    • Any references to the number three surrounding her, like her Triple Divide ability, also refer to this.
  • She fights with a pair of torches. Paired torches are one of Hecate's symbols.
  • Her association with the moon is also present in her design.
    • Noticibly, the moons on top of the head-shaped pauldrons and her hat show different moon phases.
  • During Melinoë's flashback, Hecate howls like a dog. Dogs are one of her sacred animals and it was said her approach was heralded by the howling of a dog.
    • Coincidentally, there's a pet dog in the Crossroads, as well as a polecat, another of her animal companions. They're called Gale and Hecuba.
      • Gale was a skilled witch who, due to being very lascivious and her abnormal sexual desires, Hecate transformed into a polecat in an act of wrath. Polecats became associated with Hecate ever since then.
      • Hecuba is the former Queen of Troy, wife of Priam, who after being handed over to Odysseus as a slave, snarled and cursed at him, so the gods transformed her into a dog. Melinoë mentions Odysseus's dog is in the Crossroads with him, likely referring to Hecuba, implying Odysseus is also her owner.
      • Hecate mentions her animal companions were formerly mortals, and based on how she describes them, "Hecuba retains her regal poise, Gale her mischief.", they likely are the above-mentioned people.
    • Frogs are another of her sacred animals, but it would seem Melinoë is the owner of Frinos and not Hecate, though its mere presence might still be an allusion to this.
  • In Greek Mythology, Hecate is childless, just like in the game, but sometimes is placed as the mother of certain characters. Among them is Circe, Medea and Scylla.
  • Some Greek Myths portray her as a child of Nyx, which is possibly the inspiration to their close relationship.

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Additional notes[ | ]

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