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The surface, wind-swept, wracked by freezing cold, nonetheless instills within the prince a sense of awe, and the sublime. For it is unlike anything that he has seen.
~ Narrator

Greece lies beyond the exit of the Temple of Styx, on the surface world. After Zagreus bests his father in combat, he departs for Greece to find his mother, following Nyx's instructions:

Beyond the frozen overlook... await the first glimpse of the sun to your left... then onward through the cold. Sure hope this works, Nyx.
~ Zagreus

Greece is depicted as a predominantly snowy landscape. It is initially darker, but at some point while walking, Zagreus will reach an overlook where he can stand, and the camera will zoom out to reveal the sun rising over the horizon.

The first time Zagreus reaches Greece, he will be unable to Dash or sprint in the snowy map, with movement speed being cut down to walking pace. On subsequent visits, he will be able to Dash and sprint as per normal.

After traversing the first map, the second map sees the snow melt away and open into a lush and colorful garden area, with Persephone standing in front of a cottage. Talking to Persephone will advance the story. Unfortunately, as Zagreus is of the Underworld, he is unable to stay long in Greece, dying of natural causes (according to Hypnos, anyway), and taken by the River Styx back to the House of Hades.

Occasionally, a Fishing point will spawn in the pools on the snowy map or the rivers around Persephone's cottage.

After the main story is completed and Persephone decides to return to the House of Hades, Greece becomes inaccessible; the fishing points are moved to the Hades battle arena. Instead, after Zagreus defeats his father, a small cutscene where the narrator explains one of the myriad ways Zagreus now dies plays, and Zagreus thus returns to the House of Hades.

Codex entry

'...I was born in a land with next-to-nothing in common with the Underworld, save for the fact that it happens to contain the surface's single entryway into this realm. That is reason enough for me to should[sic] mention it here. Greece, as I remember it, was a vast, moody, beautiful country, and I am told both that there are many others like it, and none that compare. I can believe it either way, I think. Here, in the Master's realm, we are well provided for, and do not suffer the whims of quite as many gods as often. Nevertheless, I must admit that there are aspects of my country that I miss, from time to time. The stark, bright beauty of that strange, wondrous land! I saw so little of it, and even still, it stays with me like this. As for why the Underworld has but one known way in, from my country, of all places: If there is only one way in, then there is only one way out.'

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