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Gigantic Vermin
Gigantic Vermin.png
Location Temple of Styx
Combat Style Mid-Ranged Melee
Health 1600
Armor 1400
Base Damage 25

Gigantic Vermin are abnormally large vermin which roam the chambers underneath the Temple of Styx.

Gigantic Vermin will chase Zagreus when he is spotted by one. If close to him, they will attempt a fast melee bite attack in his direction.

Gigantic Vermin will also stop moving to occasionally create puddles of Styx Poison around them. These puddles will vanish after a short time, or if all the enemies in a room have been defeated.

There is a mini-boss variant of the Gigantic Vermin which has heavily increased armor and health, and has jet-black colored fur instead of its usual gray fur. It moves slightly faster than a typical Gigantic Vermin, and the Styx Poison puddles it creates are larger and last for longer periods of time.

Codex entry[]

'...There is a certain perverse cruelty to life. This, I feel, is plainly evident in the vile form of the loathsome vermin that grow thick with contempt in the recesses of the Underworld's topmost echelon. Would that there were more-succinct ways to describe plague-ridden horrors such as these. They multiply inexorably, in quantity and girth. Their virulent nature seems entirely at odds with their continued existence. Yet, they too possess a vicious, cunning, instinct -- and savage strength -- far superior to that of your everyday, ordinary pest.'