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Gemstones are one of several Artifact currencies that can be found within the Underworld. They can be used to commission upgrades at the House Contractor. It's currently the bottom tier artifact in the "trade up" tree.

With the Brilliant Gemstones upgrade from the House Contractor, Gemstones will also drop 20 Obols when collected from a room reward.

Codex entry[]

'...Mortals cherish these stones of many brilliant colors, going to lengths to excavate them from the earth; to steal them, to be blunt, from the rightful domain of Master Hades. The Master also values them, for light exists in limited supply down here, and light refracted through a gemstone's facets is most valuable of all. The merest glimpse of such a dazzling display can spur a loathsome shade to action, in the Master's name; and thus has Master Hades found within his realm a naturally-occurring motivator for whatever must be done. And as for mortals who would risk themselves to steal from the earth -- they all tend to forget that, in the span of just a few short years, they shall likely find themselves right here, among the Master's riches that they sought.'

Obtaining Gemstones[]

  • Chamber Rewards : Blue Laurels chambers can give Gemstones as a reward, with two possible amounts depending on the type of room. Normal Rooms give 5 Gemstone Gemstones, Hard Rooms give 10 Gemstone Gemstones. Blue Laurels chambers will be more common when Bosses drop their bounty instead of Darkness Darkness.
  • Infernal Troves : Once purchased from the House Contractor, some rooms will contain an Infernal Trove which sometime contains Gemstones. Infernal Troves are challenges where the player must slay foes quickly to claim a bigger part of the reward. The troves can be upgraded to contain more Gemstones, from 25 Gemstone to 50 Gemstone and finally 75 Gemstone, for a total investment of 660 Gemstone.
  • Fishing : Selling fish caught in Tartarus and Styx to the Head Chef rewards with gemstones based on the rarity of the fish. The common fish are of little value compared to the rare ones, making the easy mastery of the fishing minigame a reliable entry of Gemstones. The chance of spawning fishing spots can be increased with Poseidon's boon Huge Catch.
    • The fish caught in Tartarus are worth 5 Gemstone/ 20 Gemstone/ 30 Gemstone.
    • The fish caught in Styx are worth 20 Gemstone/ 40 Gemstone/ 150 Gemstone.
  • Vanquisher's Keep : Getting the Vanquisher's Keep order from the House Contractor for 4 Diamond makes Bosses also drop Gemstones as a reward. Each drop increases in value with the difficulty.
    Furies 10 Gemstone ; Hydra 20 Gemstone ; Heroes 30 Gemstone ; Hades 50 Gemstone
  • Sunken Treasure : This Poseidon boon drops a pile of Gemstone, Darkness, Obols and Health in varying proportions.
  • Fated List of Minor Prophecies : A lot of prophecies offer Gemstones when they are completed.
    • Obtaining each of the Boons of each God who has been given Nectar Nectar rewards 150 Gemstone, nine times.
    • Obtaining each of the Hammers of each Infernal Arm rewards 200 Gemstone, six times.
    • Revealing 70 sections of the Codex rewards 40 Gemstone.
    • Obtaining each of the Infernal Arms rewards 60 Gemstone.
    • Releasing Orpheus rewards 80 Gemstone.
    • Slaying foes with each of the 'Benefits Package' condition from the Pact of Punishment rewards 450 Gemstone.
    • Obtaining each of the Legendary Boons rewards 1000 Gemstone.
    • Obtaining each of the items offered in the Well of Charon rewards 150 Gemstone.
    • Catching 25 fish, including at least one legendary, and reporting to Poseidon rewards 250 Gemstone.
  • Limited-time Offers : Once per escape attempt the Wretched Broker offers a single limited time deal, some of those deals can be used to obtain Gemstones.
    • 2 Chthonic Key Chthonic Keys can buy 20 Gemstone, at the same rate Keys can be bought.
    • A Titan Blood can buy 200 Gemstone, at five times the rate Titan Blood can be bought.

Trade-up prices at Wretched broker[]

target artifact Gems required
Chthonic Key Chthonic Key 10 Gemstone
Nectar Nectar 50 Gemstone
Diamond Diamond 500 Gemstone
Ambrosia Ambrosia 1000 Gemstone
Titan Blood Titan Blood 1000 Gemstone