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Gathering Tools are unlockable equipment used to acquire a number of different recources. Initially, none of the tools are available to use, but after a certain amount of time, the Crescent Pick will become available for 1Ashes. Melinoë can gather from any resource point once she has unlocked the corresponding Gathering Tool. It is possible to prioritize any available tool in the Training Grounds to make its Resorces appear more often, while resources for Tools that are not prioritized will appear far less often (~1%).

Name Unlock Condition Description Quote
Crescent Pick Crescent Pick Unlocked with 1Ashes Used to harvest Ore from rocks and terrain. Mostly used for unlocking and upgrading Nocturnal Arms
Silver Spade Silver Spade Unlocked with 10 Silver Used to gather Seeds for planting at The Crossroads. Mostly used for fueling Incantations
Tablet of Peace Tablet of Peace Unlocked with 5 Silver

and 5Psyche

Used to gather Psyche from Shades, for increasing Arcana Cards use capacity.
Rod of Fishing Rod of Fishing Unlocked with 2 Fate Fabric

and 1 Bronze

Used to gather Fish from rivers and pools. Purely used for selling to the Broker