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Hey you must be the Hades kid! How's it going, then, Your Royal Majesty? Nice to meet you, I'm Eurydice.
~ Eurydice
Title Carefree Muse
Relations Orpheus (husband) †
Affiliation Shade
Voice Francesca Hogan (speaking)
Ashley Barrett (singing)

Eurydice is a deceased oak nymph and the former wife of the musician Orpheus. Despite having some qualities of other gods and immortals, she died from a snake bite and was ferried to Underworld. A grieving Orpheus ventured to the Underworld to plea for her return. He charmed Lord Hades with his music and was given leave to bring Eurydice with him back to the surface, on the condition that he not look back at her until he left the Underworld. Ultimately he succumbed to his own insecurities, and Eurydice was forced to remain in the land of the dead.

Eurydice now resides in her own private corner of Asphodel, where she spends eternity singing and cooking with the help of the river Phlegethon's heat. Her former husband still seems to be a bit of a sore subject for her. The two are apparently kept apart by an official separation order issued from Hades' desk, likely as a condition of the deal that allowed Orpheus to attempt to rescue her.

If interacted with, she will offer Zagreus a selection of Underworld delicacies designed to boost his Boons.


If given Nectar, Eurydice will give you the Evergreen Acorn.

Eurydice's affinity gauge is maxed out at 8 hearts.


Earning Eurydice's favor requires voiding Orpheus' contract, allowing him to visit her in Asphodel (see Orpheus' Favor for details).

Codex entry[]

'...Mortality and immortality are closer than most gods care to believe. There are such minor gods as can be killed. So it is with nymphs, and all the naiads and the dryads and the like, the spirits of the woods, and seas, and skies; in life, they captivate our mortal senses and imagination, but in death, we all are more alike. The nymph Eurydice, born of the oak itself, must know this better than her kind. She took a suitor who, by most accounts, was but a common mortal; talented beyond compare, but not a god. Yet, all the love they shared could not keep death from tearing them apart. She bears a special mention here for having almost fled the Underworld, once. Such was the full-hearted devotion of her mate, that he did venture all the way into this realm, in search of her, and treated with the Master for her soul. They say the Master almost let her go. But when he finally refused, she grieved, but she did not despair. Even in death, she moved on with her life.'

Eurydice Quotes[]

For quotes and dialogue regarding Eurydice, please refer to Eurydice/Quotes.

Items Offered[]

Item Description
Ambrosia Delight.png
Ambrosia Delight
Loved by the gods. up to 2 random Boons of yours are upgraded to the next Rarity.
Pom Porridge.png
Pom Porridge
An Underworld delicacy; up to 4 random Boons of yours gain +1 Lv.*
Refreshing Nectar.png
Refreshing Nectar
A rare and fragrant beverage; the next 3 Boons you find have upgraded Rarity.**

*does not stack on the same boon

**if a boon is already to be epic through sources such as Exclusive Access, the boon will remain epic instead of being upgraded to heroic


  • Good Riddance: sung by the character before and after Zagreus interacts with her, switching to a purely instrumental version mid-interaction.
    • After Orpheus is allowed to visit Eurydice, he may also be singing it with her.
  • In the Blood: a stripped-down version that both Eurydice and Orpheus may be instead singing after Zagreus requests Orpheus in the House of Hades to sing it.


Additional notes[]

For additional information on Eurydice that does not pertain to Hades, see Wikipedia's article: Eurydice