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SPOILERS: This introductory section describes the epilogue in very broad (spoiler-free) terms but does mention characters involved by name and provides general tips for those who want to be gently pointed in the right direction.

The epilogue is an endgame event that takes place after reaching the game's credits. While it can be thought of as being the story's final chapter, minor events continue to occur for a period of time afterwards.

General tips for reaching the epilogue:

  • Frequently speak to Hades, Persephone, Zeus, and Demeter
  • Raise your affinity with as many Olympians as you can, as high as you are able

Epilogue Requirements[]

Initiating the epilogue is a two-part process. The first involves developing relationships with major characters and the second is a task that triggers the event itself.

Part I[]

SPOILERS: This section names related prophecies.

The first part entails meeting specific dialogue requirements and developing relationships with the Olympian gods. After meeting the requirements Persephone will tell Zagreus about a plan she has involving the Olympians and next steps. When Zagreus has finished speaking to Persephone, The Queen's Plan prophecy will be fulfilled and the Family Reunion prophecy will be foretold.

There are two types of requirements - dialogue and affinity

Dialogue Requirements[]

SPOILERS: This section contains post-credits spoilers and dialogue about Persephone's backstory.

Each piece of dialogue that follows has its own dialogue and affinity requirements, and those have their own requirements. Because of this, it is not practical to provide a comprehensive list of requirements.

Full quotes of dialogue from Zeus and Demeter will be printed but only the beginnings of conversations between Zagreus and Hades or Persephone are quoted to aid recognition.

Note that due to the random nature of dialogue displayed in each run, you may experience delays in receiving a specific piece of dialogue even if you have met the requirements.

The first three conversations take place shortly after Persephone returns to the House of Hades.

Zagreus and Persephone
Zagreus How has it been for you so far, Mother? Reacclimating to all this. You said before it was a struggle. Must be very strange, being back. Being in darkness all the time.
Persephone You know, I think it's gone all right so far! Thank you for asking, Son. Everyone has been quite welcoming. The darkness is a pleasant change of pace, and while this dress can be a little difficult to move in... I quite like it.
Zagreus and Hades 1
Zagreus Father... all this stuff with the Olympians... will you just tell me what's going on, for once? How did Mother come to join you here? What's your problem with Uncle Zeus?
Hades I thought she already told you...! Urgh. Come with me. Now.
Zagreus and Hades 2
Zagreus Greetings, Father. So! I can just... head on out there again whenever I want? Don't need to stick to any rigid schedule?
Hades Your unpredictability is one of your assets. Our defenses must always be on guard. So, yes: Go about your business as you best see fit!
Demeter about Persephone 1
Demeter My foster-brother's wayward son appears! I, too, once lost a child, Zagreus. I was quite foolish with her from the start. Her father was a baseborn farm-boy; worshiped me! He's gone as well, of course. Only the cold remains.
Demeter about Persephone 2
Demeter My daughter to a base-born farmboy, she... why, little sprout, I wasn't very kind to her, I think. Certainly not once her father passed. It was her mortal blood that made her weak! Born to mortals, taken by mortals, I suspect. So now, they pay.
Demeter about Persephone 3
Demeter I don't suppose... no, it is nothing, little sprout, it's just... I hear such wicked rumors now and then, about my daughter, lost to me, and what became of her. Kore, we called her, then. Persephone is what she called herself. Before she vanished utterly, leaving no trace....
Demeter about Persephone 4
Demeter After my daughter Kore disappeared, I left this mountaintop. Wandered the earth, in search. For naught, of course. It was a necessary journey, I suppose. May yours fare better.
Zeus about Persephone 1
Zeus Poor Demeter, young man. We still wonder what became of her fair daughter. Ran away with mortals, there, perhaps? Some of the tales, even more preposterous. Don't go believing everything you hear, and do be sensitive about the subject, hm? Demeter, she's been through quite enough.
Zeus about Persephone 2
Zeus The Lady Demeter still prattles on about her missing girl, Zagreus. But I want you to understand something, all right? She's gone. We all have grieved. Perhaps Demeter shall finally accept what has occurred, and we can move forward, having grown stronger as a family.

Affinity Requirements[]

SPOILERS: This section describes how many Olympians you need to raise affinity with and to what level.

Six of the following are required:

Part II[]

SPOILERS: This section describes the setting of the epilogue (but not what happens in the event itself) and the tasks required to initiate it. The epilogue's setting is described in Persephone's dialogue after completing Part I, so do not read ahead before reaching that point if you wish to remain spoiler-free.

Part II begins when Persephone asks Zagreus to invite the Olympians to a gathering in the House of Hades. This task will appear in the Fated List as the Family Reunion prophecy.

The next step entails speaking to each Olympian god to deliver an invitation to the gathering, followed by speaking to Persephone.

Inviting Chaos may also be required depending on affinity level and whether you have spoken to Nyx about inviting them.

The epilogue will begin after meeting the requirements.

When the event is complete, the Family Reunion prophecy is fulfilled.