Hades Wiki
Location Asphodel
Combat Style Seeking Projectile
Health 120
Armor 180
Base Damage ?

Dracons are small, burrowing worm-like entity with the resemblance of the Bone Hydra. Spawning from the ground of Asphodel, they fire a volley before burrowing elsewhere and repeating the attack. Armored variants fire three volleys before retreating.

Codex entry[]

'...All mortal life is a struggle to survive that ends in failure; one final lesson, prior to a transfer here, where we have room enough for every living thing, from the greatest of men, to the lowliest of serpents. The Dracons of Asphodel seem to be remnants of the latter category, though are rarely seen for their shame-filled tendency to remain burrowed in their dens, rising up only when sufficiently agitated. Not so different from my kind, perhaps.'