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Who dares disturb my eternal rest? You trifle with powers far beyond your comprehension, witch. Speak! ...That was pretty decent, right, Mel? Maybe pushing it. OK if I call you witch like that?
~ Dora

Dora is a shade that inhabits The Crossroads and is Melinoë's roomate.

She appears in Hades II and can be found in Melinoë's tent where she can be interacted with.

Characteristics and Personality[ | ]

Dora is a cunning amnesiac Shade, a posthumous soul of someone who passed away so long ago that she can't recall her past life. Her mood swings are constant, oscillating between friendliness and menace. Yet, once people get to know her, they realize she's not as she appears; everyone understands she's harmless to her peers.

Her personality is primarily mischievous, relaxed, sarcastic, and somewhat lethargic, though she maintains a friendly and even casual relationship with Melinoë. She often speaks of her endeavors in 'haunting,' to which the protagonist provides guidance and encouragement.

Dora can also alter her appearance to exude a more menacing aura, often speaking in macabre and theatrical terms when doing so. Additionally, her ghostly form allows her to enact 'minor possessions,' which presumably allows her to inhabit objects (like Melinoë's mushroom bottle, as per her jests) to some degree.

A few characters, such as Hecate, mention that there are rumors about Dora being a wicked, vengeful, and untrustworthy spirit, and that Melinoë should stay away. However, in their interactions, Dora is only friendly and not at all apathetic towards Melinoë, indicating that even its official title "listless shade" is mere speculation.

Regarding the events of Hades II, particularly the renewed siege on Olympus by Chronos, she primarily expresses a lack of familiarity with them. She sees Olympus as the domain of Melinoë's less agreeable relatives, and views Chronos as a malevolent figure, albeit one who has never personally wronged her.

Physical description[ | ]

In her casual form, Dora is a smugly smiling shade with long hair and bangs that almost cover her eyes, as well as large hands that resemble the paws of a cat. By contrast, her 'haunting' form is lengthened, and has sharper features; it is further shrouded in shadow, marked by piercing yellow eyes with no irises, and a silhouetted, sharp mouth.

Book of Shadows Entry[ | ]

'She aimlessly gravitated toward your tent, and your attempts to exorcise her failed. Thus a long-standing companionship began. She is noteworthy inasmuch as she is able to communicate well beyond the means of lesser Shades such as she, for reasons you have yet to grasp.'

Trivia[ | ]

  • She shares similarities with Dusa. Like the other Shade, much secrecy surrounds the nature of Dora's own demise as a living person, hence her own interest in Moros— the personification of untimely and unexpected deaths.
    • Similarly to how Dusa alludes to Medusa, Dora potentially alludes to the figure of Pandora. A piece of dialogue from Moros reveals that Dora was one of the early shades to come to the Crossroads. Presuming that Dora is indeed Pandora, this fits with Pandora's status as the first woman. Pandora's famous legend, in which she opened a jar that released multiple evils unto the world, potentially explains her interest in Moros.
    • Unlike Dusa, whose possible allusion (Medusa) is never mentioned, Pandora has been mentioned by Hephaestus.
  • Despite being a ghost with a lack of physical senses, she seems to feel relaxed in the hot springs.