Hades Wiki
Location Tartarus
Combat Style Beam
Health 850
Armor 1325
Base Damage 2 per tick (34 total per beam)
Narrator: Damned, lost souls with nowhere left to turn congregate in deepest Tartarus, where they fuse together with the earth itself into odious forms which defy description.
~ Zagreus: They basically turn into big crystals.

The Doomstone is a mini-boss found in a unique chamber in Tartarus.

It fires an 8-line radial pattern of beams from itself, beginning with two beams and sequentially firing more, though only 6 can be active at a time.

Each time it takes damage, the Doomstone releases a Fragment that can form barriers of beams when near each other or the main Doomstone, similar to the Linker trait from the Benefits Package Pact condition. The Fragments each have 20 Health and 20 Armor, and their beams deal 1 Damage per tick.

Codex entry[]

'...So desperate are some souls to escape the realm of the dead that they plunge into the mists of Erebus, even before their sentencing. Having thus been lost, they are never officially registered, or heard from again. But, there is no escape from death, even for such souls. They probably become part of the fabric of this place. How else to explain some of the phenomena in Tartarus? Crystalline formations reverberating as if in agony. A few are appalling in size, as though all those lost souls found each other, in the end.'