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Darkness is one of several Artifact currencies that can be found within the Underworld. It is primarily used to improve Zagreus' power at the Mirror of Night.

With the Pitch-Black Darkness upgrade from the House Contractor, Darkness will also give +5Health when collected from a room reward.

Codex entry[ | ]

'...Born of Chaos, the Underworld is a domain of pure and utter darkness. Sometimes, this dark essence becomes manifest through all the raging of the dead, and all the strife that can unfold beneath the earth. And, there are those born of this realm who can absorb that essence, gaining oneness with the Underworld, growing stronger all the while. That darkness, having taken root within, connects the bearer to the Underworld, makes them inseparable. Almost one and the same. Those born of darkness must remain in darkness; this is one of the Underworld's indelible laws.'

Obtaining Darkness[ | ]

Using Darkness[ | ]

Darkness is used for:

Farming Darkness[ | ]

These considerations may help you to optimize runs for the purpose of maximum Darkness gain.

  • Choose a low amount of Heat as to receive Darkness instead of Bounties for defeating boss encounters.
  • Choose a weapon which does not require specific boons to ensure a somewhat fast and safe clear, regardless of if it has Dark Thirst or not. A slow run with Dark Thirst will be worse than one taking 10 minutes less without it.
  • Make sure to not use the Dark Foresight from the Mirror of Night since it will reduce the chance of Darkness encounter rewards. Also use the Fated Persuasion dice to re-roll Chaos and Poseidon boons for Ocean's Bounty and Eclipse boons, and use Gods' Pride from the mirror for increased Boon rarity (and thus reward multipliers).
  • Equip the Conch Shell initially in Tartatus for a higher chance of getting multiple Poseidon boons throughout your run and seeing Ocean's Bounty and Sunken Treasure. Sunken Treasure can be chosen multiple times.
  • For Asphodel and Elysium equip the Cosmic Egg for the purpose of getting high rarity versions of the Eclipse boon (increased Darkness and Gemstone rewards). Eclipse can be acquired multiple times and will stack.
  • For the Temple of Styx select a defensive Keepsake like the Lucky Tooth or the Evergreen Acorn to ensure victory over Hades.
  • Use Companion Shady as it provides Darkness directly as well as decent offensive and defensive support. Try to conserve all uses as late into the run as possible until you have multiple Darkness increasing boons stacked up, but note that a Companion can only be called once per room (and only in battle).
  • At the Well of Charon aim for Light of Ixion, Tinge of Erebus, and Trove Tracker. The Yarn of Ariadne and Night Spindle can also be helpful.
  • For Chamber Rewards generally prefer Darkness , Chthonic Key for more rerolls, Poseidon boons, Chaos Gates and Charon's Shop (for direct Darkness purchases).