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Companions (also known as Legendary Keepsakes) are items that can be equipped to obtain a unique summon ability per run. After giving 5 to 6 Nectars to the appropriate person, their Affinity Gauge in the Codex will show a heart with a keyhole, indicating that you need to earn their favor (by deepening your relationship with them or assisting them in some way) to progress further. After earning their favor, companions can be acquired by giving them Ambrosia for the first time.

All companions:

  • Can be equipped in the courtyard's display case before a run. Unlike Keepsakes, Companions may not be changed mid-run after defeating the final boss of a biome.
  • May be upgraded using Ambrosia at the display case or a Keepsake Collection, Regional (purchased at the House Contractor) after a boss fight.
  • Have a maximum number of uses per escape attempt (from 1 to 5, depending on upgrade level). The maximum may be exceeded by buying a Night Spindle from the Well of Charon.
  • May be used once per encounter (chamber with combat).

List of Companions[]

Keepsake Source Description

Companion Battie

Megaera Your Summon deals 2500 damage in an area near your closest foe, then continually down the line.

** Cannot be used against any Fury Sisters


Companion Mort

Thanatos Your Summon deals 3500 damage in an area in front of you, after a brief delay.

** Cannot be used in Thanatos's encounters


Companion Rib

Skelly Your Summon creates a distraction with 250Health, provoking your foes to attack it until it dies.

** Cannot be used against Charon


Companion Shady

Sisyphus Your Summon deals 1000 damage in an area and drops a smattering of Health, Darkness, and Obols.

Drops per use:

  • 1 Darkness pickup worth 10 Darkness
  • 1 Obols pickup, worth 30 Obols
  • 4 Health pickups, each healing 10 Health

Companion Fidi

Dusa Your Summon joins you for 30 sec, repeatedly firing shots that petrify foes and deal 70 damage.

Companion Antos

Achilles Your Summon deals 1500 damage to 2 foes one after another.


When a companion is first received, it can be summoned once per escape attempt.

Each upgrade level increases the maximum number of times a companion may be used per escape attempt by one. If upgraded mid-run, the maximum number of uses will increase in the current run.

Max Uses Upgrade Cost
1 -
2 1 Ambrosia
3 2 Ambrosia
4 3 Ambrosia
5 4 Ambrosia

Fully upgrading a companion costs 10 Ambrosia.

Summons vs Hades[]

At first, only Shady and Rib may be used against Hades. However, once you have forged a sufficient bond with him and a few others, he will grant you authority to use any of the companions against him.

This authority requires:


  • Once asked how a mere Companion (Shady) is capable of putting Zagreus in touch with Sisyphus, making rocks fall from the sky, the latter remarks about Zagreus being a god; thus it's hinted that summoning ones who've become close to him is Zagreus' own power.
  • The ability to use previously restricted companions against Hades was speculated due to unused voice lines in early access. The ability was added in the 1.0 release.