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The currency of the dead. Charon may be willing to part with valuables for it.
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Charon's Obol is one of several Artifact currencies that can be earned within the underworld. They can then be used in Charon's shop or at a Well of Charon to purchase various items. Unlike all other currencies, Zagreus will lose all of his Obols when he dies.

Codex Entry[]

'...The Underworld is best known as the domain of death, but it is also the domain of countless wealth and riches, sent into the River Styx along with the deceased. Here the purpose of such coin is mostly symbolic; but there are those who value it in a manner more traditional, especially the boatman, Charon. His need of coin cannot be fully understood. He hoards the wealth, perhaps to build for himself increasingly superior river-fairing craft. Fates only know what else.'

Obtaining Obols[]

Obols can be received as a room clear reward, for defeating enemies in Encounters, and as a reward for opening Infernal Troves. Enemies spawned from the Infernal trove do not give Obols.

One can receive Obols from selling boons at a Pool of Purging.

With the Urns of Value upgrades from the House Contractor, special urns containing 5/10/15Obols can be found randomly in rooms.

From Sunken Treasure Boon provided by Poseidon.

The amount of Obols received from any of these sources can be increased by Chaos' Affluence blessing. (Alternatively, Chaos' "Pauper's" curse can prevent Obols from being awarded to Zagreus.)

With the Brilliant Gemstones upgrade from the House Contractor, Gemstones will also drop 20 Obols when collected from a room reward. (Not boosted by Affluence)

From the Side Hustle Boon from Hermes. (Not boosted by Affluence)

Ocean's Bounty from Poseidon will only increase the Obols received from room clear reward (Obol room rewards and Gemstone rewards).

Investing Darkness in the Deep Pockets upgrade at the Mirror of Night allows Zagreus to begin a run with up to 100 Obols. Alternatively, Golden Touch, the alternate talent of Deep Pockets, when upgraded, will allow Zagreus to obtain up to 15% of his current held Obols as reward when he enters the Stairway Chambers after clearing the first 3 biomes.

The Chthonic Coin Purse can be equipped before or during a run to receive Obols up to 150 depending on the level of the keepsake.

Price of Midas from the Well of Charon allows you to trade Health for Obols.

Sisyphus will offer a choice between Health, Darkness, or Obols.

Companion Shady drops 30 Obols with each summon.