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A sacrifice of Health is necessary to access the unfathomable depths of Chaos.

Chaos Gates are, as the name suggests, portals to Chaos. They appear as gateways in the floor emblazoned with an image of Chaos's eye, which open and begin emitting smoke when the room is cleared.

Health must be sacrificed in order to enter the Gate unless Chaos's keepsake, the Cosmic Egg, is equipped. This health cost increases slightly as a run progresses, but may be offset by the effects of Chthonic Vitality. Chaos Gates cannot be entered if Zagreus does not have enough Health, even if he has a charge of Death Defiance remaining.

Other than interacting with Chaos and receiving their boons, it is possible for Zagreus to catch fish here, albeit rarely. He may also encounter Nyx after the completion of the relevant minor prophecy.


Chaos Gates will only begin spawning after 6 escape attempts. They cannot appear in shops, in boss rooms, or in the chamber immediately after a boss. Two Chaos Gates will not spawn within 8 chambers of each other. Gates grow less common in each successive area, however, a Light of Ixion can override the above conditions and cause a Gate to spawn regardless.

Codex entry[]

''...There must be someplace even darker, even deeper than the lowest depths of Tartarus, for even Tartarus sprang forth from somewhere else. I remember, back when I was alive, there were such times as I would gaze into the black of night, toward the shimmering of the stars above, and wonder if that deep black was a vestige of the darkness from which all existence emerged. I tried never to give it too much thought. If such a place still exists, it is beyond even the Master's influence. Though, it does make me think: I miss the stars.''