Hades Wiki

Most chambers in Hades (game) has one or more pickups as rewards to the player upon clearing them.

Reward for Regular Chamber[ | ]

A regular room's reward can be of either MetaProgress or RunProgress category. The MetaProgress category consists of Darkness / Gemstone / Chthonic Key / Nectar. The RunProgress category consists of Centaur Heart, Obol, Pom of Power, Daedalus Hammer, Boons from Olympian Gods, and Trial of the Gods.

Whether a room's reward will be MetaProgress or RunProgress is determined by this formula (simplified for clarity):

metaProgressChance = targetMetaRewardsRatio + MetaRewardsAdjustSpeed × (targetMetaRewardsRatio - currentMetaProgressRatio)

targetMetaRewardsRatio[ | ]

This value expresses how much the game wants the player to have a certain percentage of MetaProgress. The value is different for each Biome:

targetMetaRewardsRatio Value
Tartarus 0.45
Asphodel 0.4
Elysium 0.33

The wings of Styx cannot have MetaProgress as rewards.

MetaRewardsAdjustSpeed[ | ]

A factor to increase the impact of getting each room's reward. The value of it is 10, which is defined in Content/Scripts/RunManager.lua

currentMetaProgressRatio[ | ]

To measure how many rooms' MetaProgress rewards the player has received. It is calculated with MetaProgressCount / ChamberCount. Only MetaProgress from room reward counts as MetaProgressCount. Infernal Trove, Darkness from Charon's Shop, or Well of Charon don't count.

Full Example[ | ]

  • The 1st chamber's reward is enforced to be RunProgress
  • To calculate the 2nd chamber's reward, currentMetaProgressRatio = 0 / 1 = 0. metaProgressChance = 0.45 + 10 × (0.45 - 0) = 4.95 > 100%. This means the 2nd chamber's reward must be MetaProgress
  • For the 3rd room, currentMetaProgressRatio = 1 / 2 = 0.5. metaProgressChance = 0.45 + 10 × (0.45 - 0.5) = -0.05 < 0. The reward must be RunProgress.
  • For the 4th room, currentMetaProgressRatio = 1 / 3 = 0.33. metaProgressChance = 0.45 + 10 × (0.45 - 0.33) = 1.65 > 100%. The reward must be MetaProgress.
  • For the 5th room, currentMetaProgressRatio = 2 / 4 = 0.5, the same as the 3rd room. The reward must be RunProgress.
  • For the 6th room, currentMetaProgressRatio = 2 / 5 = 0.4, metaProgressChance = 0.45 + 10 × (0.45 - 0.4) = 0.95 = 95%. The reward is highly likely to be MetaProgress, but still has a chance of 5% to be RunProgress.

Counter Example[ | ]

According to the Full Example above, the 2nd chamber's reward must be MetaProgress. But it has been witnessed that the 2nd chamber's reward can be a God's boon, which is RunProgress.

Special Reward[ | ]

Some chambers' rewards are constant / less randomized. They don't conform to the formula above and cannot be rerolled by Fated Authority.

Landing Chamber[ | ]

When a new run is started, the first chamber that Zagreus lands in has an enforced reward before the room is cleared. It's either a Daedalus Hammer or a Boon from an Olympian God except Hermes.

Mini-boss Chamber[ | ]

The reward in a mini-boss chamber is enforced to be a Boon from an Olympian God.

Boss Chamber[ | ]

The reward in a Boss Chamber is either a bounty, or a large amount of Darkness if the bounty for the current weapon & current heat level is already acquired. If it is Darkness, it counts as MetaProgressCount.

Tips[ | ]

Collect Bounties for More RunProgress[ | ]

If a boss room drops bounty, it doesn't count as MetaProgress. Thus it'll make future rooms more likely to have MetaProgress rewards. But after the bounty is claimed, the room will have a Darkness reward, which counts as MetaProgress.

Prefer Non-boon Reward in Erebus[ | ]

The calculation of MetaProgressRatio only counts number of rooms. One pickup of Pom of Power / Obols / Centaur Heart in Erebus gives double the amount of its regular version, but only counts as one non-MetaProgress. But picking up a boon in Erebus is still just one boon.

On the other hand, losing the challenge of Erebus also counts as one non-MetaProgress.