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Most chambers in Hades (game) has one or more pickups as rewards to the player.

Reward for Regular Chamber[edit | edit source]

A regular room's reward can be of either MetaProgress or RunProgress category. The MetaProgress category consists of Darkness / Gemstone / Chthonic Key / Nectar. The RunProgress category consists of Centaur Heart, Obol, Pom of Power, Daedalus Hammer, Boons from Olympian Gods and Trial of the Gods.

Whether a room's reward will be MetaProgress or RunProgress is determined by this formula (simplified for clarity):

metaProgressChance = targetMetaRewardsRatio + MetaRewardsAdjustSpeed × (targetMetaRewardsRatio - currentMetaProgressRatio)

targetMetaRewardsRatio[edit | edit source]

This value expresses how much the game wants the player to have a certain percentage of MetaProgress. The value is different for each Biome:

targetMetaRewardsRatio Value
Tartarus 0.45
Asphodel 0.4
Elysium 0.33

The wings of Styx cannot have MetaProgress as rewards.

MetaRewardsAdjustSpeed[edit | edit source]

A factor to increase the impact of getting each room's reward. The value of it is 10, which is defined in Content/Scripts/RunManager.lua

currentMetaProgressRatio[edit | edit source]

To measure how many room's MetaProgress rewards has the player received. It is calculated with MetaProgressCount / ChamberCount. Only MetaProgress from room reward counts as MetaProgressCount. Infernal Trove, Darkness from Charon's Shop or Well of Charon don't count.

Full Example[edit | edit source]

  • The 1st chamber's reward is enforced to be RunProgress
  • To calculate the 2nd chamber's reward, currentMetaProgressRatio = 0 / 1 = 0. metaProgressChance = 0.45 + 10 × (0.45 - 0) = 4.95 > 100%. This means the 2nd chamber's reward must be MetaProgress
  • For the 3rd room, currentMetaProgressRatio = 1 / 2 = 0.5. metaProgressChance = 0.45 + 10 × (0.45 - 0.5) = -0.05 < 0. The reward must be RunProgress.
  • For the 4th room, currentMetaProgressRatio = 1 / 3 = 0.33. metaProgressChance = 0.45 + 10 × (0.45 - 0.33) = 1.65 > 100%. The reward must be MetaProgress.
  • For the 5th room, currentMetaProgressRatio = 2 / 4 = 0.5, the same as the 3rd room. The reward must be RunProgress.
  • For the 6th room, currentMetaProgressRatio = 2 / 5 = 0.4, metaProgressChance = 0.45 + 10 × (0.45 - 0.4) = 0.95 = 95%. The reward is highly likely to be MetaProgress, but still has a chance of 5% to be RunProgress.

Counter Example[edit | edit source]

According to the Full Example above, the 2nd chamber's reward must be MetaProgress. But it has been witnessed that the 2nd chamber's reward can be a God's boon, which is RunProgress.

Special Reward[edit | edit source]

Some chambers' rewards are constant / less randomized. They don't conform to the formula above and cannot be rerolled by Fated Authority.

Landing Chamber[edit | edit source]

When a new run is started, the first chamber that Zagreus lands in has an enforced reward. It's either a Daedalus Hammer or a Boon from an Olympian God except Hermes.

Mini-boss Chamber[edit | edit source]

The reward in mini-boss chamber is enforced to be a Boon from an Olympian God.

Boss Chamber[edit | edit source]

The reward in Boss Chamber is either a bounty, or a large amount of Darkness if the bounty for current weapon & current heat level is already acquired. If it is Darkness, it counts as MetaProgressCount.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Collect Bounties for More RunProgress[edit | edit source]

If a boss room drops bounty, it doesn't count as MetaProgress. Thus it'll make future rooms more likely to have MetaProgress rewards. But after the bounty is claimed, the room will have Darkness reward which counts as MetaProgress.

Prefer Non-boon Reward in Erebus[edit | edit source]

The calculation of MetaProgressRatio only counts number of rooms. One pickup of Pom of Power / Obols / Centaur Heart in Erebus gives double the amount of its regular version but only counts as one non-MetaProgress. But picking up a boon in Erebus is still just one boon.

On the other hand, losing the challenge of Erebus also counts as one non-MetaProgress.