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Centaur Hearts are Artifacts found within the underworld which increase Zagreus's current and maximum health by 25 Health for the current run.

Codex entry[]

'...The equine Centaurs are well known for their unlimited endurance, and although their reign has long since passed from the mortal realm above, their resolve lives on within the Underworld. Here their vital essence is encased in still-beating vessels, which bestow the Centaurs' power to the wielder. Whether any Centaurs yet remain alive to claim these artifacts, it is as yet unclear.'

Obtaining Centaur Hearts[]

Centaur Hearts can be found:

  • As a room clear reward.
  • Purchased from Charon's shop for 125 Obols.
  • They are also the reward for besting Thanatos when he appears during a run, in addition to the normal reward for that encounter.

A Centaur Heart found in an Erebus encounter or Mini-boss room will always grant 50 Health instead of 25.

Life Affirmation[]

The effect of Centaur Hearts can be increased with the Aphrodite's boon Life Affirmation. This effect does not apply to Centaur Hearts gained from Thanatos or other ways of increasing max health.