Hades Wiki
Location Tartarus (mini-boss)
Combat Style Projectile
Health 350
Armor 400
Base Damage 10

Burn-Flingers are a subset of Bloodless who, similarly to Inferno-Bombers, fight using thrown explosives. Their attacks are distinguished from those of Inferno-Bombers by generally being faster and longer-range. Burn-Flingers also lack a "panic" close-range bomb barrage.

Burn-Flingers have two types of attack: a "fastball" and a "curveball". The fastball has a rapid windup, is thrown very quickly, and flies in a straight line. The curveball flies more slowly and has weak tracking.

Codex entry[]

'...Perhaps the Titan called Prometheus would have reconsidered before gifting unto mortal-kind the great discovery of flame, had he foreknowledge of his punishment, or of the Burn-flingers, who practice their obscene art only for destruction's sake. As mortals, it is likely that they died from careless acts of alchemy; and now, within the Underworld, they have nothing left to lose, and time eternal to attempt perfection when it comes to caustic, poisonous concoctions.'