Hades Wiki
Location Elysium
Combat Style Various
Health 700
Armor 400
Base Damage ?

Brightswords are former warriors and heroes of Elysium who wielded swords during life, and are bound to them in death. Like the other Exalted of Elysium, when they are defeated, their lingering souls will try to re-arm and respawn, and must be dispatched before they can do so. There are three variants.

Brightswords have three attacks:

  • A basic but quick sword swipe when up close
  • A rapid series of dashes in erratic directions attempting to get close enough to use the sword swipe
  • A deflectable shockwave projectile that travels directly forwards.

Dire Brightswords spawn an additional projectile with the final attack that travels backwards. Elite Brightswords encountered in Erebus or during the Final Boss fire in all four cardinal directions, relative to their facing.

Codex entry[]

'...The Exalted, such as the blade-wielding Brightswords, are bound to the arms they carried when they fell in battle as mortals. When severed from those arms, they make a desperate grasp for them, so they can fight some more. In life, I knew so many warriors who would throw away their lives for glory, believing that the gods were on their side; refusing to consider (for how could they?) that their hated opponents felt the very same. Yet gods and mortals do look on this type of single-minded devotion with respect, and so, these envied souls do wind up in Elysium, where they can fight on and on, until they go blue in the face.'