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Hades II

Boons are upgrades given by the gods to help Melinoë in in her attempts to kill Chronos. They can be obtained as rewards for clearing a room marked with the respective god's symbol or purchased for 150 Gold from Charon's shop. Boons only last for the duration of a run; they disappear when Melinoë dies and is sent back to The Crossroads.

Gods[ | ]

  • Aphrodite rewardAphrodite gives boons that inflict Weak & Charmed and grant your abilities increased damage to nearby foes.
  • Apollo RewardApollo gives boons that inflict Daze and increase the area of effect of your attacks.
  • Artemis RewardArtemis gives boons that grant Critical and inflict Marked.
  • Chaos rewardChaos gives boons that grant a variety of bonuses after inflicting a debuff for a certain amount of encounters/boons collected.
  • Demeter rewardDemeter gives boons that inflict Freeze and Cyclone to abilities.
  • Chaos rewardHades gives boons that mainly give an advantage against Chronos himself.
  • Hephaestus RewardHephaestus gives boons that create blasts effects and inflict Vent.
  • Hera RewardHera gives boons that inflict Hitch and damage multiple enemies at once.
  • Hermes rewardHermes gives boons that increase your mobility, ability speed, evasion and wealth.
  • Hestia RewardHestia gives boons that inflict Scorch and affect your Casts.
  • Poseidon rewardPoseidon gives boons that add Knockback and inflict Slip to abilities, improve room rewards and inflict.
  • Selene RewardSelene gives Hex boons that are charged using Magick for several helpful abilities.
  • Zeus rewardZeus gives boons inflict Blitz, or grant various lightning effects..

More information on specific boons from each god can be found on their respective pages.

Equipping a keepsake given by one of the gods (except Hermes or Chaos) ensures that the next time a boon is offered, it will be from that specific god. It does not guarantee that the very next reward will be a god boon - only that, the first time one appears, it will be from that god. Chaos and Hermes boons can appear before any other god boon regardless of the keepsake you are using.

Slots[ | ]

Melinoë's Attack, Special, Cast, Sprint, and Magick slots are exclusive, and cannot hold multiple ability boons.

For example, you cannot have both Cast from Aphrodite (Rapture Ring) and Apollo (Solar Ring). However, a god may offer to replace another god's exclusive Boon slot with their own. Exchanges increase rarity of the slot by one, keeping the level the same. In the above example, Apollo may offer to replace your Epic Rapture Ring (Rank 2) with Heroic Solar Ring (Rank 2).

This core ability slots follow the same nomenclature:

  • "Strike" for the Attack boons.
  • "Flourish" for the Special boons.
  • "Ring" for the Cast boons.
  • "Sprint" for the Sprint boons.
  • "Gain" for the Magick boons.

Here follow the Boons design for all gods that offer Attack, Special, Cast, Sprint, and Magick Boons.

Zeus Heaven Strike II Heaven Flourish II Storm Ring II Thunder Sprint II Ionic Gain II
Hera Sworn Strike II Sworn Flourish II Engagement Ring II Nexus Sprint II Born Gain II
Poseidon Wave Strike II Wave Flourish II Geyser Ring II Breaker Sprint II Fluid Gain II
Demeter Ice Strike II Ice Flourish II Arctic Ring II Frigid Sprint II Tranquil Gain II
Apollo Nova Strike II Nova Flourish II Solar Ring II Blinding Sprint II Lucid Gain II
Aphrodite Flutter Strike II Flutter Flourish II Rapture Ring II Passion Dash II Glamour Gain II
Hephaestus Volcanic Strike II Volcanic Flourish II Anvil Ring II Smithy Sprint II Fixed Gain II
Hestia Flame Strike II Flame Flourish II Smolder Ring II Soot Sprint II Hearth Gain II

Boon Rarity[ | ]

There are four 'standard' rarities of boon available, each more powerful than the last:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Heroic

"More powerful" has a similar meaning as leveling the boon up (i.e. the same numbers get bigger), but +1 rarity and +1 level will have different results. The exact formula is currently unsolved.

Gods' Boons[ | ]

Aphrodite Boons BoonSelectAphrodite II
Boon Effect
Apollo Boons BoonSelectApollo II
Boon Effect
Artemis Boons BoonSelectArtemis II
Boon Effect
Chaos Boons BoonSelectChaos II
Boon Effect
Demeter Boons BoonSelectDemeter II
Boon Effect
Hermes Boons BoonSelectHermes II
Boon Effect
Poseidon Boons BoonSelectPoseidon II
Boon Effect
Zeus Boons BoonSelectZeus II
Boon Effect

Special Boons[ | ]

There are six types of special boons that are only offered after meeting certain requirements:

  • Duo
  • Legendary
  • Chaos
  • Hades
  • Selene
  • Infusion

Special boon requirements include clearing a curse or acquiring specific standard boons. Special boons cannot be upgraded with Pom of Power.

  • Duo Boons combine the powers of a pair of gods, and require Melinoë possess certain boons from both gods. They can be offered by either god, and trigger dialogue between the pair when obtained. These cannot be obtained in a Trial of the Gods room, even if the requirements have been met, though one god may offer to exchange already obtained boons from the other god.
  • Legendary Boons are top-tier blessings offering unique skills, and require Melinoë possess certain boons from one god. Each god has at least one.
  • Chaos Boons require the player enter a Chaos Gate and overcome a curse before the boon activates. Unlike other boons, Chaos blessings can be taken more than once in a run, and effects stack. Chaos boons cannot be sold.
  • Selene Boons are boons that grant powerful Hexes. These hexes can be upgraded with the Path of Stars.
  • Infusion are boons that each God possesses that is tied to an element. These require the player to have at least one or two elemental affinities for the Infusion to appear.
  • Hades Boons are boons that give an edge against Chronos during his boss fight.

Notes[ | ]