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Boons are upgrades given by the gods to help Zagreus in his attempts to escape the underworld. They can be obtained as rewards for clearing a room marked with the respective god's symbol or purchased for 150 Obols from Charon's shop. Boons only last for the duration of a run; they disappear when Zagreus dies and is sent back to the House of Hades.


  • Aphrodite reward.pngAphrodite gives boons that inflict Weak and Charmed on opponents, as well as improve survivability.
  • Ares reward.pngAres gives boons that inflict Doom, create Blade Rifts, or increase the damage of your attacks.
  • Artemis Reward.pngArtemis gives boons that grant Critical hits and improve Cast abilities.
  • Athena reward.pngAthena gives boons that allow abilities to Deflect projectiles and improve Calls and defensive options.
  • Chaos reward.pngChaos gives boons that grant a variety of bonuses after inflicting a debuff for multiple encounters.
  • Demeter reward.pngDemeter gives boons that add Chill to abilities, improve healing, and various debuffs.
  • Dionysus reward.pngDionysus gives boons that inflict Hangover, create Festive Fog, and improve survivability.
  • Hermes reward.pngHermes gives boons that increase your mobility, ability speed, evasion and dash capability.
  • Poseidon reward.pngPoseidon gives boons that add Knockback to abilities and improve room rewards.
  • Zeus reward.pngZeus gives boons that add chain lightning to abilities, or cause lightning to strike nearby enemies.

More information on specific boons from each god can be found on their respective pages.

Equipping a keepsake given by one of the gods (except Hermes or Chaos) ensures that the next time a boon is offered, it will be from that specific god. It does not guarantee that the very next reward will be a god boon - only that, the first time one appears, it will be from that god. Chaos and Hermes boons can appear before any other god boon regardless of the keepsake you are using.


Zagreus' Attack, Special, Cast, Dash, and Call abilities have one boon slot, and cannot hold multiple ability boons.

For example, you cannot have both Aphrodite's cast boon Crush Shot and Dionysus's cast boon Trippy Shot. However, a god may offer to replace another god's ability slot Boon with their own. Exchanges increase rarity of the boon by one, keeping the level the same. In the above example, Dionysus may offer to replace your Epic Crush Shot (Rank 2) with Heroic Trippy Shot (Rank 2).

There are no other limits to how many other boons Zagreus can have.

Standard Boons[]

There are four 'standard' rarities of boon available, each more powerful than the last:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Heroic

Heroic rarity is available through exchanging an Epic-rarity boon, choosing Ambrosia Delight from Eurydice, or from cultivating boons with Rare Crop from Demeter. Note that the Yarn of Ariadne from the Well of Charon, and the Refreshing Nectar from Eurydice, cannot offer a heroic boon, even with the Exclusive Access duo boon from Poseidon and Dionysus, which makes every future boon to be at least an Epic-rarity boon.

Boons that are rewarded from Erebus encounters, mini-boss encounters (both types are denoted with a small skull on the chamber preview) or bought at a higher price from Charon in the Temple of Styx are more likely to have higher rarities.

God's Boons[]

Aphrodite Boons Aphrodite symbol.png
Boon Effect
Heartbreak Strike.png

Heartbreak Strike

Your Attack deals more damage and inflicts Weak.
Heartbreak Flourish.png

Heartbreak Flourish

Your Special deals more damage and inflicts Weak.
Crush Shot.png

Crush Shot

Your Cast is a wide, short-range blast that inflicts Weak.
Crush Shot.png

Passion Flare

Your Cast damages foes around you and inflicts Weak.
Passion Dash.png

Passion Dash

Your Dash inflicts damage where you end up, inflicting Weak.
Aphrodite's Aid.png

Aphrodite's Aid

Your Call fires a seeking projectile that inflicts Charm.
Dying Lament.png

Dying Lament

When foes are slain, they damage nearby foes and inflict Weak.
Wave of Despair.png

Wave of Despair

After you take damage, damage nearby foes and inflict Weak.
Different League.png

Different League

Resist some damage from nearby foes' attacks.
Life Affirmation.png

Life Affirmation

Any HealthUp.png chamber rewards are worth more.
Empty Inside.png

Empty Inside

Your Weak effects have a longer duration.
Sweet Surrender.png

Sweet Surrender

Weak-afflicted foes are also more susceptible to damage.
Broken Resolve.png

Broken Resolve

Your Weak effects are more potent.
Blown Kiss.png

Blown Kiss

Your Cast shoots farther and is stronger against undamaged foes.
Unhealthy Fixation.png

Unhealthy Fixation

Your Weak effects also have a chance to Charm foes.
Ares Boons Ares symbol.png
Boon Effect
Curse of Agony.png

Curse of Agony

Your Attack inflicts Doom.
Curse of Pain.png

Curse of Pain

Your Special inflicts Doom.
Slicing Shot.png

Slicing Shot

Your Cast sends a Blade Rift hurling ahead.
Slicing Shot.png

Slicing Flare

Your Cast sends a large Blade Rift hurling ahead for a brief time.
Blade Dash.png

Blade Dash

Your Dash creates a Blade Rift where you started.
Ares' Aid.png

Ares' Aid

Your Call turns you into an Impervious Blade Rift for a short time.
Curse of Vengeance.png

Curse of Vengeance

After you take damage, inflict Doom on surrounding foes.
Urge to Kill.png

Urge to Kill

Your Attack, Special, and Cast deal more damage.
Battle Rage.png

Battle Rage

After slaying a foe, your next Attack or Special deals more damage.
Blood Frenzy.png

Blood Frenzy

After using Death Defiance, deal more damage that encounter.
Black Metal.png

Black Metal

Your Blade Rift powers deal damage in a wider area.
Engulfing Vortex.png

Engulfing Vortex

Your Blade Rift effects last longer and pull foes in.
Dire Misfortune.png

Dire Misfortune

Your Doom effects deal more damage when applied multiple times.
Impending Doom.png

Impending Doom

Your Doom effects deal more damage, after a slightly longer time.
Vicious Cycle.png

Vicious Cycle

Your Blade Rift effects deal more damage for each consecutive hit.
Artemis BoonsArtemis symbol.png
Boon Effect
Deadly Strike.png

Deadly Strike

Your Attack is stronger, with a chance to deal Critical damage.
Deadly Flourish.png

Deadly Flourish

Your Special is stronger, with a chance to deal Critical Damage.
True Shot.png

True Shot

Your Cast seeks foes, with a chance to deal Critical damage.
True Shot.png

Hunter's Flare

Your Cast damages foes around you, with a bonus Critical chance.
Hunter Dash.png

Hunter Dash

Your Dash-Strike deals more damage.
Artemis' Aid.png

Artemis' Aid

Your Call fires a seeking arrow with a large Critical chance.
Pressure Points.png

Pressure Points

Any damage you deal has a chance to be Critical.
Exit Wounds.png

Exit Wounds

Your foes take damage when your Ammo.png stuck in them is dislodged.
Hide Breaker.png

Hide Breaker

Your Critical effects deal even more damage to Armor.
Clean Kill.png

Clean Kill

Your Critical effects deal even more damage.
Hunter Instinct.png

Hunter Instinct

Your God Gauge charges faster when you deal Critical damage.
Hunter's Mark.png

Hunter's Mark

After you deal Critical damage to a foe, a foe near it is Marked.
Support Fire.png

Support Fire

After you Cast, or hit with an Attack or Special, fire a seeking arrow.
Fully Loaded.png

Fully Loaded

Gain extra Ammo.png for your Cast.
Athena Boons Athena symbol.png
Boon Effect
Divine Strike.png

Divine Strike

Your Attack is stronger, and can Deflect.
Divine Flourish.png

Divine Flourish

Your Special is stronger, and can Deflect.
Phalanx Shot.png

Phalanx Shot

Your Cast damages foes in a small area, and can Deflect.
Phalanx Shot.png

Phalanx Flare

Your Cast damages foes around you, and can Deflect.
Divine Dash.png

Divine Dash

Your Dash deals damage and can Deflect.
Athena's Aid.png

Athena's Aid

Your Call briefly makes you Invulnerable and Deflect all attacks.
Holy Shield.png

Holy Shield

After you take damage, damage nearby foes and briefly Deflect.
Bronze Skin.png

Bronze Skin

Resist damage from foes' attacks.
Sure Footing.png

Sure Footing

Resist damage from Traps.
Proud Bearing.png

Proud Bearing

You begin each Encounter with your God Gauge partly full.
Blinding Flash.png

Blinding Flash

Your abilities that can Deflect also make foes Exposed.
Brilliant Riposte.png

Brilliant Riposte

When you Deflect attacks, they deal more damage.
Deathless Stand.png

Deathless Stand

Death Defiance makes you Impervious longer. Replenish a charge immediately.
Last Stand.png

Last Stand

Death Defiance restores more Heart.png than usual. Replenish a charge immediately.
Divine Protection.png

Divine Protection

You have a barrier that negates incoming damage.
Demeter Boons Demeter symbol.png
Boon Effect
Frost Strike.png

Frost Strike

Your Attack is stronger and inflicts Chill.
Frost Flourish.png

Frost Flourish

Your Special is stronger and inflicts Chill.
Crystal Beam.png

Crystal Beam

Your Cast drops a crystal that fires a beam straight ahead for a few seconds.
Crystal Beam.png

Icy Flare

Your Cast damages foes around you and inflicts Chill.
Mistral Dash.png

Mistral Dash

Your Dash shoots a gust ahead that inflicts Chill.
Demeter's Aid.png

Demeter's Aid

Your Call creates a winter vortex for a few seconds that deals damage and inflicts Chill.
Frozen Touch.png

Frozen Touch

After you take damage, damage and completely Chill your foe.
Rare Crop.png

Rare Crop

Your Boons become Common, then gain Rarity every few Encounters.
Ravenous Will.png

Ravenous Will

While you have no Ammo.png, take less damage and deal more.
Nourished Soul.png

Nourished Soul

Any Health effects are more potent. Restore some health now.
Snow Burst.png

Snow Burst

Whenever you Cast, damage nearby foes and inflict Chill.
Arctic Blast.png

Arctic Blast

Applying 10 stacks of Chill causes a blast, clearing the effect.
Killing Freeze.png

Killing Freeze

When all foes are Chill afflicted, they become Slow and Decay.
Glacial Glare.png

Glacial Glare

Your Cast fires longer and inflicts Chill.
Winter Harvest.png

Winter Harvest

Chill-affected foes shatter at low hp, inflicting Chill nearby.
Dionysus Boons Dionysus symbol.png
Boon Effect
Drunken Strike.png

Drunken Strike

Your Attack inflicts Hangover.
Drunken Flourish.png

Drunken Flourish

Your Special inflicts Hangover.
Trippy Shot.png

Trippy Shot

Your Cast lobs a projectile that bursts into Festive Fog.
Trippy Shot.png

Trippy Flare

Your Cast damages foes around you, leaving behind Festive Fog.
Drunken Dash.png

Drunken Dash

Your Dash inflicts foes near you with Hangover.
Dionysus' Aid.png

Dionysus' Aid

Your Call inflicts Hangover to foes all around you for a few seconds.
After Party.png

After Party

If your Heart.png is low after Encounters, restore to the threshold.
Positive Outlook.png

Positive Outlook

Take less damage while at low Heart.png.
Premium Vintage.png

Premium Vintage

Gain Heart.png when you pick up Nectar. Receive a Nectar now.
Strong Drink.png

Strong Drink

Using a Fountain restores all Heart.png and gives you bonus damage.
Bad Influence.png

Bad Influence

Deal more damage while multiple foes are Hangover-afflicted.
Numbing Sensation.png

Numbing Sensation

Your Hangover effects also make foes move slower.
Peer Pressure.png

Peer Pressure

Hangover-afflicted foes contaminate other nearby foes.
High Tolerance.png

High Tolerance

Take less damage while standing in Festive Fog.
Black Out.png

Black Out

Hangover-afflicted foes take bonus damage in Festive Fog.
Poseidon Boons Poseidon symbol.png
Boon Effect
Tempest Strike.png

Tempest Strike

Your Attack deals more damage and knocks foes away.
Tempest Flourish.png

Tempest Flourish

Your Special deals more damage and knocks foes away.
Flood Shot.png

Flood Shot

Your Cast damages foes in an area and knocks them away.
Flood Shot.png

Flood Flare

Your Cast damages foes around you and knocks them away.
Tidal Dash.png

Tidal Dash

Your Dash damages foes in an area and knocks them away.
Poseidon's Aid.png

Poseidon's Aid

Your Call makes you surge into foes while Impervious for a few seconds.
Typhoon's Fury.png

Typhoon's Fury

You deal more damage when slamming foes into barriers.
Hydraulic Might.png

Hydraulic Might

Your Attack and Special are stronger the first few seconds of an Encounter.
Ocean's Bounty.png

Ocean's Bounty

Any Gemstone Small.png, Darkness Small.png or Obol.png chamber rewards are worth more.
Sunken Treasure.png

Sunken Treasure

Gain an assortment of Gemstone Small.png, Darkness Small.png, Obol.png and Heart.png.
Razor Shoals.png

Razor Shoals

Using knock-away effects also Rupture foes.
Boiling Point.png

Boiling Point

Your God Gauge charges faster when you take damage.
Breaking Wave.png

Breaking Wave

Slamming foes into walls or corners creates a watery blast in the area.
Wave Pounding.png

Wave Pounding

Your boons with Knock-Away effects deal bonus damage to bosses.
Rip Current.png

Rip Current

Your Call pulls in foes and the effect lasts longer.
Huge Catch.png

Huge Catch

You have a greater chance to find Fishing Point in each Chamber.
Second Wave.png

Second Wave

Your knock-away effects shove foes a second time after the first.
Zeus Boons Zeus symbol.png
Boon Effect
Lightning Strike.png

Lightning Strike

Your Attack emits chain-lightning when you damage a foe.
Thunder Flourish.png

Thunder Flourish

Your Special causes a lightning bolt to strike nearby foes.
Electric Shot.png

Electric Shot

Your Cast is a burst of chain-lightning that bounces between foes.
Electric Shot.png

Thunder Flare

Your Cast causes a lightning bolt to strike nearby foes.
Thunder Dash.png

Thunder Dash

Your Dash causes a lightning bolt to strike nearby foes.
Zeus' Aid.png

Zeus' Aid

Your Call makes lightning strike nearby foes repeatedly for a few seconds.
Heaven's Vengeance.png

Heaven's Vengance

After you take damage, your foe is struck by lightning.
Lightning Reflexes.png

Lightning Reflexes

After you Dash just before getting hit, a bolt strikes a nearby foes.
Storm Lightning.png

Storm Lightning

Your chain-lightning effects bounce more times before expiring.
High Voltage.png

High Voltage

Your lightning bolt effects deal damage in a larger area.
Double Strike.png

Double Strike

Your lightning bolt effects have a chance to strike twice.
Static Discharge.png

Static Discharge

Your lightning effects also make foes Jolted.
Clouded Judgment.png

Clouded Judgement

Your God Gauge charges faster when you deal or take damage.
Billowing Strength.png

Billowing Strength

After using Call, you deal more damage for a short time.
Splitting Bolt.png

Splitting Bolt

All your lightning effects create an additional burst.

Special Boons[]

There are four types of special boons that are only offered after meeting certain requirements:

  • Duo
  • Legendary
  • Chaos
  • Bouldy

Special boon requirements include clearing a curse or acquiring specific standard boons. Special boons cannot be upgraded with Pom of Power.

  • Duo Boons combine the powers of a pair of gods, and require Zagreus possess certain boons from both gods. They can be offered by either god, and trigger dialogue between the pair when obtained. These cannot be obtained in a Trial of the Gods room, even if the requirements have been met, though one god may offer to exchange already obtained boons from the other god.
  • Legendary Boons are top-tier blessings offering unique skills, and require Zagreus possess certain boons from one god. Each god has at least one.
  • Chaos Boons require the player enter a Chaos Gate and overcome a curse before the boon activates. Unlike other boons, Chaos blessings can be taken more than once in a run, and effects stack. Chaos boons cannot be sold.
  • Bouldy Boons require the player to converse with Sisyphus a number of times until he can 'speak' with Bouldy and gift him Nectar. Bouldy boons cannot be sold.


  • Before Patch 037, the price for a boon in Charon's shop was 200 Obols.