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Bones are one of the many reagents in Hades II. Bones are primarily used in The Crossroads as a source of currency.

Obtaining Bones[ | ]

Using Bones[ | ]

  • Activating certain incantations at Hecate's Cauldron
    • Kinship Fortune (60 Bones)
    • Summoning of Mercantile Fortune (10 Bones)
  • Purchasing items from the Wretched Broker

Farming Bones[ | ]

There are plenty of options for maximizing the number of Bones received per run:

  • Check your progress with the Fated List before heading out--most Prophecies award Bones, ranging between 120 and 3,000 (typically 400 per). Plan accordingly.
  • Take whichever one of the Nocturnal Arms has Grave Thirst active (+2 Bones per Location).
  • Activate the Arcana XVI - The Fates , which provides +1/2/3 chances to alter Location Rewards. (Use on Minor Finds doors, like Ashes Ashes, Psyche Psyche, and Gold Gold Crowns to attempt to change them into Bones doors.)
  • Equip the Rod of Fishing, which increases the chance of Fishing Points appearing (fish can be sold for 21-222 Bones each).
    • Fish from Chaos' Realm are worth the most.
    • Optional: Bring along Toula, who will fish for you and eliminate the risk of losing out on a fish if the minigame procs.
  • Take Poseidon's keepsake, Vivid Sea, and choose the Ocean's Bounty and Double Up Boons if they are available.
    • Optional: Activate the Arcana XIX - Excellence and XXIV - Divinity to increase the chances of higher rarity Boons.
  • Visit any Wells along the route; they have a chance to offer 20-40 Bones for 40-80 Gold
  • Unlock the max number of garden plots (6), and between runs always harvest Greeneries and plant new ones in Melinoë's garden.
    • Greeneries are worth 10-19 Bones each.
  • When there's Rainfall weather, look for Deathcap Deathcaps.
  • If Narcissus's chamber appears in Oceanus, he has a chance to offer Ancestral Offerings, which awards 50 Bones.