Hades Wiki
Location Asphodel
Combat Style Close-range melee
Health 400
Armor 325
Base Damage 7 per swipe

Bone-Rakers are the remains of sadistic mortals consumed by bloodlust who, in exchange for a pardon from the punishments of Tartarus, pledged their savagery to serve the will of Lord Hades.

Bone-Rakers are agile, utilizing fast combos of claw attacks at close range. These combos cannot be interrupted by hitting them and follow a sequence of 2 or 6 attacks.

Elite versions of these enemies can be summoned by the Super Hydra Teeth expelled by the Bone Hydra's Summoner variant option.

Codex entry[]

'...For mortals, the need occasionally arises to draw blood, whether for a cause or by necessity. But there are also those who do it for its own sake; monsters in the form of men, revealed finally for what they are once in this realm. By all rights, they should be sealed away in Tartarus. But their savagery is such that it draws the Master's attention, and some are able to secure a bit of reprieve in Asphodel, in exchange for enforcing the Master's will.'