Hades Wiki
Location Asphodel
Combat Style Close-range melee
Health 310
Armor 250
Base Damage 11

Bloodless are the remains of mortal warriors who died in battle and were not properly buried. As a result, their bodies continue to wander aimlessly, locked in combat forever.

Bloodless are agile, utilizing fast, leaping attacks at close range.

Codex entry[]

'...The skeletal remains of fallen warriors left with nothing but an insatiable impulse toward violence, they wander the burning fields of Asphodel, hungering for something far beyond their capacity. Once mortals who fell in battle, they were not given proper burial and now remain forever trapped in the throes of combat, their seething consciousness encased within a prison of bleached bone. The Bloodless seem to heed the orders of Lord Hades, and appear to recognize him as their one true master; yet, at times, they do exhibit tendencies suggesting that they may have other callings here, within the Underworld.'