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Remains of the dead and buried, which yet possess a spark of something there.

Ashes are a common reagent currency used primarily to unlock Melinoë's Arcana Cards at the Altar of Ashes. It is also used in various Cauldron incantations, as well as to unlock and upgrade Gathering Tools and certain aspects of the Nocturnal Arms.

Obtaining Ashes[ | ]

  • As a room clear reward (5-10 Ashes)
  • As a purchase:
  • From Poseidon's Boons:
    • Sunken Treasure will sometimes drop a random amount of Ashes
    • Ocean's Bounty will increase Ashes (and other Minor Finds) gains by 50-65%
    • Double Up has a 20-35% chance to double the amount of Ashes earned
  • Completing various Prophecies:
    • Customary Gift (awards 10 Ashes)
    • Major Arcana (awards 100 Ashes)
    • Tools of the Unseen (awards 40 Ashes)
    • Precision Instruments (awards 100 Ashes)
  • Sometimes offered by Narcissus (10 Ashes from Heartfelt Condolences)

Using Ashes[ | ]

Ashes are used for:

  • Unlocking the first rank of an Arcana Card (1-50 Ashes each; 594 Ashes total)
  • Upgrading the Aspect of Melinoë for the Argent Skull (55 Ashes total)
  • Unlocking the Crescent Pick (1 Ashes)
  • Upgrading the Tablet of Peace to Rank II (50 Ashes)
  • Activating certain incantations at Hecate's Cauldron
    • Fated Intervention (1 Ashes)
    • Consecration of Ashes (6 Ashes)
    • Shadow Extraction (30 Ashes)
    • Floral Fortune (1 Ashes)