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Artifacts are rewards for winning Underworld Encounters which either benefit Zagreus 's current escape attempt or can be spent to obtain permanent benefits on future attempts.

Currency Artifacts[]

These can be spent on permanent upgrades and are obtained from standard Encounters. These resources persist after a run (i.e., they are not lost whether or not Zagreus succeeded in escaping) and can be used back in the House of Hades.

Name Description
Chthonic Key.png

Chthonic Key

Used to unlock Infernal Arms, and various abilities in the Mirror of Night.


Used to upgrade abilities at the Mirror of Night.


Used to renovate the Underworld and the House of Hades at the House Contractor.


Used as gifts for characters, increasing your affinity with them and unlocking Keepsakes.

Bounty Artifacts[]

These can be spent on permanent upgrades and are obtained by completing Bounties.

Name Description


Used to gifts for characters, increase your affinity with them and unlocking Companions.

(Ambrosia can only be gifted to characters you have done favors for.)



Used for pricier renovations from the House Contractor.
Titan Blood.png

Titan Blood

Used to unlock and upgrade Aspects of the Infernal Arms.

Other Artifacts[]

These artifacts improve Zagreus's power in his current escape attempt. The benefits these grant will be lost after a run ends. With the exception of the Loyalty Card, Red Onion, and Anvil of Fates, all of these Artifacts are rewards for normal Encounters.

Name Description
Anvil of Fates.png

Anvil of Fates

Removes one Daedalus Hammer upgrade, then gives you two.

(The upgrades you lose and receive are applied at random.)

Centaur Heart.png

Centaur Heart

Increases Zagreus's max health by 25 for that escape attempt.
Charon's Obol.png

Charon's Obol

Used to either purchase consumables at Wells of Charon or Artifacts and Boons from Charon.
Daedalus Hammer.png

Daedalus Hammer

Used to make a major modification to Zagreus's current weapon, for that escape attempt.
Loyalty Card.png

Loyalty Card

Reduces prices of items from the Well of Charon and Charon's shop by 20% for that escape attempt.
Pom of Power.png

Pom of Power

Increase the effectiveness of an existing Boon.
Red Onion.png

Red Onion

Restores 1 Health.

(Only obtained when failing a Perfect Clear challenge in Erebus.)