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I heard about you. Look, I'm not like all the others on Olympus. The power of the hunt helps keep me company, so, maybe it'll help you, too.
~ Artemis

Artemis is the Olympian Goddess of the hunt and the older twin sister of Apollo.[1] She offers boons to Zagreus which give his abilities the chance to deal Critical damage. In addition, she also offers boons that improve Cast abilities.

While the damage bonus offered on her boons is lower compared to other Gods', the Critical hits they offer deal three times the damage of a normal ability, granting some of the best overall DPS gain offered by any single god or goddess. Artemis boons, when properly combined with other boons, have the potential to deal tremendous damage. In addition, her Cast related boons increase your total ammo or add a projectile, further enabling a powerful ranged tool.

Her signature Status Curse is Marked, which increases the chance of dealing a critical hit to the afflicted enemy, consuming the Curse and reapplying it to a nearby target. This essentially allows you to snowball critical hits in a crowd. This increase in chance will stack with her boons that offer Critical hit chance.

Artemis returns in Hades II and offers her boons to Melinoë in her fight against Chronos. Her signature Status Curse is still Marked. Unlike the first game, Artemis appears in specific chambers in-person and can help clear enemies. She can be encountered on Erebus, Oceanus and the City of Ephyra.

Characteristics and Personality[ | ]

Artemis is taciturn, unsociable, and indifferent to her Olympian family. As a goddess associated with hunting and a master archer, she prefers to retreat to the forest and be alone or with her nymphs, hunting or engaging in activities that do not involve social interaction or spending too much time with her noisy and complicated family.

A stoic goddess who prefers to associate with nature through her hunting and hide in her own private world. Artemis is seen as "a lone she-wolf." As noted by other gods, she is socially awkward, which may be due to her presence as the goddess of the wilderness or the lack of social interaction due to her frequent nocturnal outings.

The Goddess of the Hunt tends to be direct and practical, questioning Zagreus about his choice of the Adamant Rail, as it is too noisy and doesn't seem very effective as a hunting weapon. She prefers the good old bow and arrow.

Despite not being "perfect Athena," she tries to act as the obedient daughter. However, all she receives is criticism from her father. Artemis can be quite sarcastic and doesn't like it when the gods poke their noses where they're not wanted or question why she's still single. She is a vengeful goddess and rebels quickly, unafraid to poke at the wounds of other Olympians if necessary.

Distant, reserved, is a master of dodging others, Artemis is not honest about feelings, and she is the only one who doesn't use a term of endearment to Zagreus, calling him only by his name. He may see her as a sort of distant role model, although in reality, she is quite nervous and unsure how to react in his presence. As she opens up, she will admit in a somewhat dismissive way that she considers him one of her best friends. She too sees nymphs as equals, despite them minor deities, which is quite revealing for a goddess of such high echelon.

Physical description[ | ]

Artemis appears as a nimble young maiden with green hair and skin, adorned with a variety of snug animal skins alongside a green hunting cloak and a large quiver. Her hair is styled in a single large braid and crowned with a pair of animal horns, specifically those of a deer, one of her sacred animals. Her right eye is painted green with a star pattern, accentuating her dark eye (In Hades II her eyes are more visible and almond-shaped like her twin Apollo's, but in a darker shade than his). Her association with the moon can be seen in the crescent symbols worn in her hair and on her body. She is seen armed with a large wooden bow with a trio of perched quails at one end.

She hasn't changed much in Hades II physically, but she appears more confident in her stance. She now sports a new bow and quiver and has traded her hunting cloak for a fur cloak. Her right wrist holds a wristband with a crescent moon on it instead of bandages, as does her left leg. Her belt has been changed to a larger and silver one, also with crescent moons. Further decorating her belt and quiver are the Silver Sisters braided cords. She no longer has the green star on her eye and her hair is styled differently.

Hades[ | ]

Artemis is one of the Olympian gods that lends their help to Zagreus. Her conversations often include talks about hunting and encouragements to Zagreus. She also speaks her opinion about others freely, and often mentions her discomfort in them always being on her case or misinterpreting her intentions and domain.

In the Epilogue, Artemis was super excited to have finally met Achilles face to face. Despite not being very sociable, she enjoyed the time she spent there. From then on, she keeps on lending her help to Zagreus on his new job.

Hades II[ | ]

Affinity[ | ]

If given Nectar, Artemis will give you the Adamant Arrowhead.

Artemis' affinity gauge maxes out at 7 hearts, requiring the gifting of 6 Nectar and 1 Ambrosia.

Favor[ | ]

Artemis' favor requires seeing multiple strings of dialogue in which she talks about her partner, Callisto. The gauge is unlocked when Artemis says that she feels like she can be herself with Zagreus.

Codex Entry[ | ]

'...The goddess of the hunt has always held my highest admiration. Unlike so many of her brethren on Olympus, she seems unconcerned with being praised at every turn by mortals, and instead she dutifully holds her station as a master of the natural world. Even Lord Hades may hold some respect for her, I think. Certainly her power is responsible for no small quantity of shades in this domain. Lord Hades and the Lady Artemis have certain traits in common, I suppose; each solitary and committed to their work. If only my Lord Hades understood that someone such as Artemis could be someone to confide in, rather than resent along with all the others on Olympus.'

Book of Shadows Entry[ | ]

'Your circumstances and training required many sacrifices; one us the warmth of companionship. It was fortunate, then, that you met Artemis when you did. Olympus knows her as a wayward daughter. We know her as one of us.'

Trivia[ | ]

  • In Greek Mythology, it's said Artemis is one of the few goddesses Aphrodite has no power over. In her duo boon quote, however, Aphrodite comments on how Artemis is completely tongue-tied, and she might be the cause. Otherwise, Artemis's reaction comes from not wanting to be found with Zagreus, so people don't get the wrong impression.
  • Artemis is a fan of Achilles.
    • Ironically, she was sided with the Trojans, Achilles's enemies, during the Trojan War.
  • Unlike everyone else, Artemis seems to be covered in shadows, possibly because she's in the woods and not on Olympus.
  • Artemis always refers to Apollo as her "little brother," which bothers him.
    • This is a reference to the myth where Artemis is born first and then assists in her brother's birth.
  • In Hades II, Artemis appears similar to Thanatos, as she and Melinoë seem to know each other well, just like Zagreus and Thanatos, who were already long-time acquaintances before the main events of Hades. Artemis supports Melinoë in battles similar to those of him, albeit willingly.
    • She only seems to prominently appear on the first biome of each path, though she might occasionally appear in Oceanus but claims she won't go further than that.
  • Artemis' elemental boon affinities are earth and air, a reference to both her status as the Goddess of Nature and a moon goddess. The air element might be slightly tied to her domain as a goddess of archery too.

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Additional notes[ | ]

For additional information on Artemis that does not pertain to Hades, see Wikipedia's article: Artemis

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