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The Arcana Cards, located in the training grounds on The Crossroads, are lent to Melinoë by Hecate to help her grow stronger on her task of slaying Chronos. They can be accessed in the training grounds via Melinoë's Altar of Ashes. It is one of the main meta progression systems in Hades II.

At first only 9 cards are visible in the Altar, however, after a card is obtained, this will reveal other cards that are adjacent to it, making them unlockable. The total number of Arcana that can be revealed and unlocked is 25 cards.

Each card first needs to be unlocked, most Arcana Cards require Ash to be acquired. Once a card is unlocked, it can be activated depending on the level of Grasp they require. Grasp Grasp is the point value that each individual card posses, this number is the one found in the upper-right corner of the card, it may vary from the numbers of 0-6 Grasp. Although for the cards that have a 0 Grasp requirement, they have another special awakening method instead.

There's a limit to the number of Grasp points. This means that some Arcana Cards may have to be deactivated if they exceed the limit. The limit starts at 10Grasp, however, it can be increased through the reagent of PsychePsyche up to a total of 29Grasp. In order to reach 30Grasp, the highest amount, you need 1000Psyche, 3Shadow and 3Darkness. However this still will not let you start a run with every card active, as there is a total of 62Grasp worth of cards available, so you will need to prep accordingly typically based around which of the Nocturnal Arms you intend to use for a run.

With the Consecration of Ashes incantation, Arcana can be upgraded up to Epic rarity by using Moon DustMoon Dust and other materials. This has no effect on their Grasp cost. Circe's Red Citrine Divination offering can upgrade an Arcana to Heroic for the current night if the randomly selected Arcana is Epic.

Cards[ | ]

No. Arcana Card Effect Arcana Card Common Arcana Card Rare Arcana Card Epic Grasp Cost Awakening Quote
I The Sorceress While you Channel your Ω Moves, everything moves slower for 2/3/4/5 Sec. 1 Ashes 1 Moon Dust 3 Moon Dust
6 Moly
1 Grasp
Left to her own devices, she learned to confront the world in her own terms
II The Wayward Son After you exit a Location, restore 2/3/4/5Health, or twice that if you have no more than 30%Health. 3 Ashes 2 Moon Dust 3 Moon Dust
10 Silver
1 Grasp
Even the the Underworld itself struggled to contain him, such was his lust for life
III The Huntress While you have less than 100%Magick, your Attack and Special deal +30%/+40%/+50%/+60% damage. 10 Ashes 2 Moon Dust 4 Moon Dust
8 Lotus
2 Grasp
Through discipline and instinct comes sustaining skill both in shadow and the light of the moon
IV Night Your Ω Cast has +50/+75/+100/+125 Power whenever it detonates. 15 Ashes 4 Moon Dust 8 Moon Dust
10 Moss
2 Grasp
She sprang from Chaos, and formed much of the natural world, above the surface and below
V The Moon Your Hex also charges up automatically as though you used 1/2/3/4Magick every 1 Sec. 20 Ashes
1 Pearl
3 Moon Dust 6 Moon Dust
5 Pearl
0 Grasp Activate any surrounding card.
Even as she races across the fathomless sky, she bears witness to all
VI The Furies Deal +20%/+25%/+30%/+35% damage to foes in your Casts. 3 Ashes 2 Moon Dust 4 Moon Dust
10 Nightshade
2 Grasp
In the deepest reaches of the Underworld, Three are as feared as the god of the dead himself
VII The Titan Gain 20/+30/+40/+50Health and 20/+30/+40/+50MagickUp. 7 Ashes 2 Moon Dust 4 Moon Dust
6 Bronze
2 Grasp
He stole from the gods the gift of fire, for mortals; thus he suffered, but grew strong
VIII The Messenger You have +3%/+4%/+5%/+6% chance to Dodge. 20 Ashes 3 Moon Dust 5 Moon Dust
10 Cattail
1 Grasp
With incomparable swiftness can he travel from the highest peaks to the lowest depths
IX The Unseen Restore 4/5/6/7Magick every 1 Sec. 25 Ashes 5 Moon Dust 10 Moon Dust
8 Myrtle
5 Grasp
Upon their ancient oath, in shadow, they serve; and to shadow, they return
X Death Your Ω Moves have +9%/+12%/+15%/+18% chance to deal Critical damage if your last one was different. 30 Ashes 3 Moon Dust 6 Moon Dust
15 Limestone
3 Grasp
Some mortals would sense his soft approach, others taken by surprise
XI The Swift Runner Your Dash is immediate and your Sprint is 5%/7%/10%/11% faster. 10 Ashes 1 Moon Dust 3 Moon Dust
3 Wool
1 Grasp
Those who attempted to confront the greatest of the Greeks merely met his spear
XII Eternity Set forth each night with 1/2/3/4Death Defiance Death Defiance. 20 Ashes 6 Moon Dust 12 Moon Dust
1 Star Dust
4 Grasp
The inevitable cannot be prevented, though perhaps can be forestalled
XIII The Centaur After every 5 Locations, gain +3/+4/+5/+6Health and +3/+4/+5/+6MagickUp. 25 Ashes
1 Cinder
3 Moon Dust 6 Moon Dust
8 Glassrock
0 Grasp Activate Cards that use 1Grasp through 5Grasp.
Many of the greatest heroes mortalkind has to offer have in common his patient instructions
XIV Origination Deal +25%/+38%/+50%/+63% damage to foes afflicted with at least 2+ Curse effects from different Olympians. 30 Ashes 3 Moon Dust 5 Moon Dust
8 Garlic
5 Grasp
From the infinite void emerged all that exists, and back to that void it all may yet return
XV The Lovers In Guardian Encounters, you take 0 damage the first 1/2/3/4 time(s) you are hit. 35 Ashes 3 Moon Dust 8 Moon Dust
8 Iron
3 Grasp
Their music brought them together, and not even Death could keep them apart for long
XVI The Fates Set forth each night with 1/2/3/4Change of Fate. You can alter Location Rewards. 15 Ashes 3 Moon Dust 6 Moon Dust
12 Fate Fabric
3 Grasp
Even the gods themselves are subject to the whims of the three weavers of destiny
XVII The Boatman Set forth each night with +200/+250/+300/+350Gold. 25 Ashes 6 Moon Dust 12 Moon Dust, 10 Marble 5 Grasp
Vast riches lie hidden in the realm of the dead; but only a modest fee is needed to get in
XVIII The Artificer Set forth each night with 1/2/3/4 chance(s) to turn any Minor Find into a random Major Find. 30 Ashes 3 Moon Dust 5 Moon Dust
3 Mandrake
3 Grasp
Few can turn raw materials into works into work of extraordinary genius; none as can he
XIX Excellence Any Boons you are offered have +30%/+40%/+50%/+60% chance to be improved to Rare. 35 Ashes 3 Moon Dust 6 Moon Dust
6 Fate Fabric
5 Grasp
Not even gods can live to their fullest purpose; yet mortals all must strive
XX The Queen Any Boons you are offered have +6%/+8%/+10%/+12% chance to be a Duo (whenever possible). 40 Ashes
1 Tears
2 Moon Dust 4 Moon Dust
12 Fate Fabric
0 Grasp Activate no more than 2 Cards that use the same amount of Grasp.
From Olympus she descends to reign in Underworld as the surface land grows cold
XXI The Seer Set forth each night with +2/+3/+4/+5Change of Fate. 20 Ashes
1 Wool
3 Moon Dust 5 Moon Dust
3 Zodiac Sand
0 Grasp Activate all surrounding Cards.
Having been stricken blind, she saw much more than any mortal could
XXII The Champions Set forth each night with +1/+2/+3/+4Change of Fate, you can alter Boons and certain other choices. 30 Ashes 5 Moon Dust 10 Moon Dust
9 Shaderot
4 Grasp
Once mortal foes, they found each other once again in death, and were exalted to Elysium
XXIII Strength While you have no more than 30%Health, you take -30%/-40%/-50%/-60% damage and deal +30%/+40%/+50%/+60%. 35 Ashes 8 Moon Dust 15 Moon Dust
8 Poppy
4 Grasp
The power to surpass the might of the gods is one that must always be held in check
XXIV Divinity Any Boons you are offered have +10%/+15%/+20%/+25% chance to be improved to Epic. 40 Ashes
1 Golden Apple
3 Moon Dust 5 Moon Dust
5 Tears
0 Grasp Activate all 5 Cards in any other row or column.
The privilege of godhood is bestowed at birth, save for the rarest cases, when it is earned instead
XXV Judgment After you vanquish a Guardian, activate 3/4/5/6 random inactive Arcana Cards. 50 Ashes
1 Zodiac Sand
10 Moon Dust
2 Thalamus
10 Fate Fabric
1 Zodiac Sand
20 Moon Dust
4 Thalamus
25 Fate Fabric
3 Zodiac Sand
0 Grasp Activate no more than 3 cards total.
The Underworld King is to decide what shall become of each and every mortal life

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