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Greetings from Olympus and well met, there, sunshine! Look we can't get to the Titan, but if you truly mean to stop him, then the least I can do is light your way down!
~ Apollo

Apollo is the God of Light and the younger twin brother of Artemis.[1] He appears in Hades II and offers his boons to Melinoë in her fight against Chronos. His signature Status Curse is Daze which has a chance to cause enemies to deal no damage.

Characteristics and Personality[ | ]

Apollo is a polite and confident god who tries to quickly sway Melinoë with his charm. He is also somewhat egocentric, boasting about his numerous formidable talents, stating that all members of his family are talented but "some are more blessed than others". Despite being twin to Artemis, they possess opposite personalities. Apollo is an extravagant socialite who enjoys being the center of attention, and his way of speaking is grandiose compared to his withdrawn and reserved twin sister.

Like the rest of the gods, Apollo is vindictive when his pride is hurt and will turn on Melinoë if his boons are not chosen during the Trials of the Gods. Medea will point out that he is also the god of plagues, sometimes sending an epidemic to haunt humanity without reason and during a duo boon conversation with his uncle Poseidon, he says that a year or two of plague to the mortals who turned their backs on them will settle the score.

Apollo is also implied to be a notorious gossiper who can't be trusted to keep anything private to himself as Artemis knew that telling him about Melinoe's existence would ensure that all of Olympus would soon know about her as well.

Physical description[ | ]

Apollo appears as an attractive young man befitting his role as the god of light. He does not share many physical similarities with his fraternal twin, with almond-shaped eyes being one common feature with Artemis, albeit in a lighter shade of honey, and his skin is darker, closer to his half-siblings, Ares, Athena, and Dionysus. He inherits his father's flowing, wavy, platinum blonde hair, but in a much shorter cut. His physique is lean yet defined, suited to his status as a celestial archer.

He wears elegant, gleaming golden armor richly embossed with a stylized sun at the center of the chest. A light blue flowing cape and golden pauldrons patterned with laurel cover his shoulders. He sports gold earrings in his left ear and dons a triangular striped red garment with golden details, fastened by a brown leather belt and golden accessories, with a colorful patterned underskirt peeking out. His neck and arms are adorned with golden cords and blue and red cloth ribbons. He wields a large golden bow with strings reminiscent of a lyre.

Hades II[ | ]

Apollo was informed of Melinoë's existence by his sister Artemis, who then proceeded to inform the rest of his family. He thereafter provides his boons to Melinoë to help her defeat Chronos.

Book of Shadows Entry[ | ]

'A god in the guise of a beautiful youth. You are left to conclude that his genial manner toward you is, in fact, sincere. Conflict is not really in his nature, thus he is often out of his depth, despite how well he gets on anyway'

Trivia[ | ]

  • Apollo will always be the first Olympian god that Melinoë encounters in a playthrough, regardless of other choices.
  • He has the ability to transform his instrument into both a lyre and a bow with arrows.
    • Unlike his sister Artemis, he doesn't seem to carry arrows with him; rather, he appears to create his arrows from light.
  • Apollo is often associated with the sun, leading to Helios being mistaken for him, the very personification of the sun. Artemis is also conflated with Selene, the moon herself. It is sometimes said that this is Zeus's fault, as he boasted of his children, compelling them to bear these titles.
  • Apollo, besides being the god of light, is one of the Greek gods with the most attributes, being the god of healing, medicine, music, youth, masculine beauty, archery, poetry, arts and prophecy.
    • Despite being associated with healing, he is also the god of plagues, with rats being animals associated with carrying diseases, his symbolic animals.
    • Apollo mentions there being no god of truth yet, and how he'll gladly become it, indicating that is not one of his domains as of the events of the game.
  • Despite being twins, Artemis always refers to him as her little brother, a reference to the myth where it is said that Artemis assisted in his birth.
  • His sprint being faster than the other gods references the first Olympic games, where it's said Apollo beat Hermes in a run.
  • Apollo's elemental boon affinities are fire and air, a reference to his status as a sun god.
  • Apollo's Keepsake Purest Hope can be seen as ironic, as according to his Book of Shadow entry and comments from other Olympians, he doesn't seem as hopeful that Melinoë can help them.
  • In Greek mythology, Orpheus is considered a son of Apollo, but in game it appears to be a different case, where their relationship is simply more like that of a mentor and student.
    • This is likely to avoid incest, as Eurydice is also said to be a daughter of Apollo in Greek Mythology.

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Additional notes[ | ]

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