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The Anvil of Fates is an Artifact that removes one of your Daedalus Hammer weapon upgrades at random and gives you two new random upgrades. It can be purchased from Charon for 275 Obols in the Temple of Styx. It allows a player to have three Hammer upgrades in a single run, rather than the normal maximum of two. Some upgrades may be mutually exclusive with others, which reduces the randomised pool as the upgrades are granted. As normal, the effects of the upgrades are lost upon Zagreus's death.

Codex[edit | edit source]

'...The master artisan Daedalus once fashioned an artifact in honor of the Three Fates, or perhaps in quiet irony. It is such a shame to think the Fates have each of our every outcomes preordained. That they weave out all our lives as but a bit of fabric. I would much prefer to have been forged of bronze than spun of silk. I choose to believe the Fates provide for all of us a bit of latitude. There is very little any one of us controls, even the gods. However, we are frequently presented with decisions, as blacksmiths at the forges of our lives. What we are making is already decided. But how we make it, where and when we strike that burning surface, determines the integrity of the result.'

Possible upgrades[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]